The adidas + KANYE WEST YZY DSRT BT drops in 3 colours and for kids too!

Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of flesh-toned skin-hugging apparel, of which YEEZY is the king of. For some reason, an extremely curvy Kim Kardashian can pull off all the YEEZY looks (which look all the same, just in different shades of skin tones), and she still looks okay. I’d look ridiculous in even the most basic tank tops by the brand. But the shoes… the shoes are universal.

The collaboration with adidas has a form of universal appeal that makes them very desirable and coveted, so much so that the price of select pieces actually appreciate over time. I won’t go so far as to say they are investments, but I will say — if you like a pair and it’s available, buy it now because it WILL sell out, and resellers WILL inflate the price once it becomes unavailable at the official adidas store.



In Singapore, YEEZY sneakers are available at the adidas Originals store at Pacific Plaza and online at — and the limited designs go on sale on specific dates, and there are always just a few pairs of each size.

I’m especially interested in this week’s drop: the YZY DSRT BT.

above: YZY DSRT BT Salt, YZY DSRT BT Rock, and YZY DSRT BT Oil

It’s a hi-top sneaker boot that features an upper composed of nubuck and suede overlays, mesh underlays for breathability, a reflective pull tab, and a rubber outsole that provides durability and traction. This is footwear that will look right at home on Tatooine, and will serve well as a weekend staple — or if you work in the creative field like us, daily wear (YEEZYs are very comfortable!).

above: the YZY DSRT BT Salt is available in adult, kids and infant sizes

If you want to twin with your kids — and can afford it — the Salt shade is available in adult, kids and infant sizes.

Here’s a closer look at the shoes:

above: YZY DSRT BT Salt

above: YZY DSRT BT Rock

above: YZY DSRT BT Oil


The YZY DSRT BT Salt, YZY DSRT BT Rock, and YZY DSRT BT Oil, retails for $300. available on and at adidas Originals Pacific Plaza.