The Latest Niche Fragrance Brands To Channel Your Inner Fragrance Snob

The advent of a steady stream of new scents is indeed a challenging feat to keep up with. Sweet, fruity, florals — ah I could go on endlessly about the plethora of different note combinations but I’ll save that for another day.

But on another note, if you love fragrances as much as we all do here at NYLON, then you’d probably know that there’s a lot more to finding the right fragrance than pretty bottles and nice smells.

Welcome to the realm of the fragrance snob.

With a slew of fragrance brands that have hit the market — including some of the most addictive and intoxicating scents — it’s tough to tell the difference between niche and designer fragrances.

In brief summary, production of niche fragrances are on a smaller scale and presumably, constructed with much greater attention to detail than other mainstream scents. Designer scents, on the other hand, usually have a mass appeal and comes from designer brands (well, duh), that include fashion houses such as Chloé, Chanel, and Bvlgari.

‘Nuff said. From enigmatic scents to perfumed accessories, we’ve curated a list of all the latest niche fragrances for those fragrance aficionados out there.


diptyque Prêts-à-Parfumer Collection

diptyque’s latest Prêts-à-Parfumer collection is set to take the world by storm with its innovative range of accessories. (Yes, you read that right, accessories.) As crazy as it sounds, the brand has taken things up a notch and has introduced a lineup quite different from any other.

We’re all pretty much used to the idea of spritzing or rolling on our favourite scents, but wearing them in a much literal sense? Now, that’s got to pique anyone’s interest.


Carry your fragrance wherever you go with diptyque’s latest perfumed accessories which include perfumed brooches, bracelets, and stickers (for your skin!). The perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe, especially for those who’d prefer something that’s more subtle.

diptyque Prêts-à-Parfumer Collection is now Available at diptyque Takashiyama Shopping Centre, Escentials Paragon, escentials TANGS at Tang Plaza, Robinsons The Heeren, Tangs Vivo and online at
**The Perfumed Stickers in l’Ombre dans l’Eau, Perfumed Brooch in Fleur de Peau and Perfumed Bracelet in Tam Dao are exclusively available at: diptyque Takashiyama Shopping Centre escentials TANGS at Tang Plaza Robinsons The Heeren.



Floraïku Just A Rose EDP set (50ml and 10ml)($475)

Floraïku’s Just A Rose EDP is a floral fragrance that starts with whiffs of roses and gaiac wood oil, crowned by notes of bergamot oil and lemon sherbet. This rose-based fragrance is brought in as the fifth addition to join the Enigmatic Flowers collection — which translates to “making flowers alive”.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a new fragrance for yourself, or a gift for your loved one, it’s tough to go past a fabulous fragrance like this number.

Priced at $475 (50ml and 10ml set) and $100 (10ml Purse Spray Refill). Available at escentials Paragon and ESCENTIALS.COM


Floraïku AO EDP set (50ml and 10ml) ($475)

If there’s one thing that niche fragrance brands have in common, it has got to be their own distinctive and maybe even unusual notes — each of them are unique, which differentiates them from your usual mainstream perfumes.

Fresh and sparkling, AO’s scent transforms from the mandarin notes at its core, to green velvety notes of fig underneath, before the fragrance envelopes you in the seductive incense of Myhrr oil, softened by tonka bean absolute. Floraïku’s AO EDP is a scent that’s full of dimension and contours.

floraïku ao edp, $475(50ml and 10ml set) and $100 (10ml Purse Spray Refill). Available from mid-September at escentials Paragon and ESCENTIALS.COM



Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection: Heartless Helen ($420)

Mandarin, tuberose and creamy wood take centre stage with Penhaligon’s latest addition to its Portraits collection — Heartless Helen. A sillage of beguiling luxuriance, this enchanting fragrance is just as intriguing as it seems to be — it encapsulates a hint of wild florals with woody notes hovering at the top for that mesmerizing blend that’s sure to get you hooked at first whiff.


Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection: Terrible Teddy ($420)

Penhaligon’s Terrible Teddy EDP is no cliché. In fact, this elusive scent transforms into an enchanting fragrance with top notes of incense, leather and deeper tones of ambroxan. A smooth masculine fragrance that’ll ensnare the unsuspecting hearts of many with just a spritz — in fact, some would call it a trap.

Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection, $420 (75ml)(Heartless Helen and Terrible Teddy) are now available at all Penhaligon’s ION ORCHARD AND THE SHOPPES AT MARINA BAY SANDS. 

Serge Lutens 

Serge Lutens La Couche Du Diable ($280)

A bespoke unisex fragrance that’s diabolical, indulgent and smells oh-so-sinfully good? If you haven’t tasted sin, then this dark, seductive scent will send you to Hell — well not quite literally.

Introducing Serge Lutens La Couche Du Diable. Leathery citrus jam stands at the heart of the fragrance while the fruity complex and rose writhe balances the warm, woody, balsamic sweetness of oud accord at the fore. Can we get a hell yeah?!

Serge Lutens La Couche Du Diable, $280 (100ml) and $185 (50ml) is now available at escentials Paragon, escentials TANGS at Tang Plaza, Robinsons the Heeren and ESCENTIALS.COM

Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela Coffee Break (left) and Springtime in a Park (right)


Ah, nothing beats the sweet of smell of coffee to perk your senses up in the morning! Immerse yourself in Maison Martin Margiela’s Coffee Break for the ultimate pick-me-up. The scent centres itself with roasted Arabica beans, blended with frothed milk cream, before topping it off with lavender blossoms for a delightfully pleasurable fragrance.


If you’re still into spring scents, then don’t miss out on this newcomer by Maison Martin Margiela. A spritz of this fruity-floral fragrance is all you need to transport yourself to a green city oasis. With top notes of pear, musk and a hint of lily, this perfume is definitely one that’s alluring, addictive, and enchanting — one spritz is never enough!

Maison Martin Margiela (Coffee Break and Springtime in a Park), prices TBC.