What Are The Best Travel-Friendly Eye Creams? Frequent Flyers Clue Us In

We’re no strangers to the designer eye bags and dehydrated skin when travelling. As if struggling with jet lag and cramped legroom aren’t challenging enough. Whether you’re looking to hydrate your dry, parched under-eyes or reduce the signs of crow’s feet, there is a picture-perfect eye cream for you out there that does just that.

Below, the travel friendly-sized eye creams that met these frequent travellers rigorous standards and earned a coveted spot in their travel beauty kits.

If you’re in need of an eye cream to last you throughout the day…

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Photo credit: @Tatcha

Item: Tatcha Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum, $120

Dull skin and dry under-eyes are kept at bay with a gentle, fast-absorbing serum that works to reduce the signs of wrinkles speedily. Tatcha’s eye serum is certainly up for the task with a lush blend of ginseng root extract and honeysuckle that puts you on the path towards smoother, radiant peepers from the start of the day till bedtime.

“I’m so used to using 1-2 full-face products when travelling overseas, I occasionally forget there is a market for eye creams. But after my last trip with a flight duration of 16 hours, my under-eyes were extremely dry. Not a zombie look I would wish on anyone. I splurged on this Tatcha eye serum immediately and I felt it kept the skin under my eyes hydrated with just one application. — Elle, 25

If you’re dealing with a serious case of puffiness …

the inkey list
Photo credit: @Theinkeylist

Item: The Inkey List Caffeine Under-Eye Serum, $18

Swap out your day-to-day eye cream for a supercharged one on those long flights. We vote The Inkey List’s recent offering, which features caffeine that promises to relieve water retention. In short? Reduced puffiness under the eyes. The brand even suggests keeping it in the fridge for an extra soothing effect. Guess we have another use for that hotel mini-fridge.

“I have normal skin but under travelling circumstances, I would get a bit dry and puffy at the end of the day. That didn’t happen with the Inkey List eye serum on. After reaching my hotel, I applied it on and my eyes did look less puffed up during the rest of the day. The best part was the affordable price tag. ” — Rin, 32

If you’re looking for a multi-functional powerhouse …

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Photo credit: @Ahc.official

Item: AHC Pure Real Eye Cream For Face, $26

Claiming to be sold every 3 seconds in Korea to all skincare junkies out there, this bad boy comes equipped with more than 91% natural ingredients and a lightweight, hydrating formula. Housed in luxe gold packaging, its travel friendly-size — which can be used on the face, too — is said to brighten, hydrate and soothe your sensitive skin.

“Having a Korean colleague for me means getting top-notch beauty recommendations. As I fly for client work every month, my complexion takes a hit. Just so happens I was travelling to Korea and found the brand she recommended. This AHC product even doubles as a face cream… much to my delight.” — Eman, 31

If you’re sending out work emails on the plane…

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Photo credit: @Thisworks

Item: This Works Morning Expert Open Eyes, $53

As our track record shows, our frustration with blue light and dry skin knows no bounds. Bursting with the best antidotes to tired eyes — giant kelp, Persian silk tree extracts, and cocoa seeds — this gentle cream conveys a youthful appearance while limiting the harmful effects of blue light exposure. Such versatility may be too high a bar for most eye creams to meet, but this is This Works we’re talking about. 10/10.

“The eye cream stayed true to its promise and held my tired eyes together for about eight hours with only two reapplications in between — for frequent flyers, this is quite a big deal.” — Kylie, 24

If you’re on a long-haul flight

Photo credit: @Naturallyseriousskin

Item: Naturally Serious Zero Baggage Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream, $74

Kick things off with this super nourishing eye cream from Naturally Serious — it’s packed with apple extract, caffeine, goji berry and green tea that brightens and combats the signs of fine lines around the eyes. We like it because it’s made with so many antioxidants (translation: a magic potion that can delay skin ageing) and it helps your skin fake a good night’s sleep.

“This really is a made for those prone to dark circles, so if that is you, go and buy it! Eye creams are a must. I’m not a huge skincare hoarder but I found this item perfect for my long-haul flight. Even as a guy that invests in skincare, I do prefer packaging that doesn’t scream feminine.” — William, 30

If you’re running low on sleep…

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Photo credit: @Antipodesskincare

Item: Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream, $66.75

Starting to notice some dark circles and wrinkles, are we? This eye cream combines kiwi, vitamin C and avocado oil (all supposedly superior for their anti-collagen boosting benefits) with a rich yet light formula suitable for delicate skin. Your under-eyes are sure to enjoy the cooling sensation left in its wake.

“Typically, I apply a lot of skincare products if I’m prepping for a trip, which means that I need travel friendly-sized items to fit into my luggage. I like the lightweight texture and slightly fruity scent from this Antipodes eye cream. It’s small and does the job when my under-eyes need a jolt.” — Tiara, 28