Charlotte Tilbury Is Coming To Our Shores And These Are What You Should Look Out For

Beauty junkies, it’s time to rejoice! Charlotte Tilbury is finally coming to our shores and we’ve got the full scoop!

Charlotte Tilbury

Otherwise known for dressing the lips of many A-listers, like Nicole Kidman and Emma Roberts, cult beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury has long been known for their amazing skincare secrets and iconic makeup looks. Sitting at the heart of the brand, these 10  off-the-peg looks that Charlotte has curated incorporates some of the finest beauty picks from her collection — be it for eyes, cheek, or lips — you name it!

Starting from 10 October 2019, the cult beauty brand will launch across 7 Sephora stores here in Singapore and if you’re new or curious to find out on what to splurge on, then you’ve come to the right page. From skincare to makeup, these are the top products that you should look out for at the launch of Charlotte Tilbury here at Sephora Singapore.


Charlotte’s Magic Cream Lid Off, $150

Synonymous to its name, it comes as no surprise that one of Charlotte Tilbury’s star products (we’re talking about their Magic Cream BTW), gives you magic skin. Yes, it’s probably hard to believe that this highly coveted cream that we’re all gushing about gives glowy, dewy, plumper-looking skin but if it worked to prep and transform the skin of models before their show, then you’d best believe that it would probably do wonders for you too.

So what’s the secret? Charlotte dishes that this marvellous cream is formulated with a potent mix of the ‘magic 8’ ingredients which include Vitamin C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Camellia Oil, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Frangipani Flower Extract!


Hot Lips 2.0, $52

Another hot favourite to look out for — Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips 2. Now, we all know how lipsticks play an important role in any beauty routine — because, without it, we would look just as dull as we are without any makeup on. But that’s not all, in fact, Charlotte’s Hot Lips 2 pay homage to 11 iconic individuals who have shaped and empowered people around the world — naming each shade after them. Take for instance, JK Magic (J.K. Rowling), Dancefloor Princess (Kylie Minogue), Glowing Jen (Jennifer Aniston) and Patsy Red (Patsy Tilbury) also known as Charlotte’s mother — her first beauty icon and one of her biggest inspirations.


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk, $90

At first look, you’d be smitten by this palette. It’s soft, young, fresh, and yet a little naughty. Inspired by the shades of seduction, Charlotte has long been known for her iconic sumptuous, nude-pink MLBB shade — Pillow Talk — that has been seen across a multitude of products under her brand.

Eyeshadow looks created with the Luxury Eye Palette from the Pillow Talk collection

In fact, Charlotte Tilbury is also known for her ultimate Luxury Eye Palette which includes four fresh and pretty hues that you can find to dial-up (or down) your look with.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Bella Sofia (left) and Vintage Vamp (right), $90

Whether you’re looking for something smokey or seductive, switch up your looks with these compact eyeshadow palettes to serve up a look that’s dreamy, seductive, and divine — we’re definitely in love.


Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillow Talk, $70

The most universally flattering shade of blush that you can’t go wrong with? Check Charlotte Tilbury’s Blusher Swish & Glow — especially in, you guessed it, Pillow Talk. Not only does this just-kissed blush apply a soft pink warmth to your cheeks, but it also adds a skin-brightening, gold-flecked lilt for that healthy lit-from-within-glow that we’re all so obsessed with!



Charlotte Tilbury Pop-Up @ Sephora ION

If you’re just as pumped about the launch as we are, then you’ll be glad to know that Sephora will also be having their official launch over at their flagship store at Sephora ION on October 10.

Not only do guests get to explore Charlotte’s Iconic 10 Looks Wardrobe, but they will also be treated to Charlotte’s very own Makeup Revolution Bar and Lip Bar too! Here, you’ll get to pamper yourself with some of Charlotte’s finest selection of beauty must-haves that you can try and swatch with you and your gal pals. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

Charlotte Tilbury is set to launch on 10th October 2019, in 7 Sephora stores across Singapore, and online at