Coach x Michael B. Jordan Releases Naruto-Inspired Collection

Put whatever you’re doing now down and watch this first.

An old man selling ramen, Michael B. Jordan’s eyes suddenly tinged red, an electric fist bump and some lady gesturing weirdly? To anyone else, this probably won’t make any sense but for anime fans on the other hand…

Clearly, the old man is supposed to be Teuchi from Naruto’s favourite ramen stall — Ichiraku Ramen. Michael’s red eyes? Shouldn’t be surprised that he’s an Uchiha Clan member. Fist bump? An allusion to the tailed beast obviously. For Narutards everywhere, we’d never thought “Coach”, “Naruto” and “Michael B. Jordan” could ever be mentioned in the same sentence, yet here we are.

It’s obvious that Jordan’s a huge anime fan with Naruto and DBZ part of his all-time favourite list. After all, there was some sort of mention that his Killmonger suit in Black Panther was somewhat inspired by Vegeta in Dragonball Z.


While he may never admit it, the resemblance is uncanny.

So it made sense that his Naruto inspired line of Coach products would feature designs similar to the ninjas in the anime. In the series, Naruto Uzamaki is a young ninja who strives to earn respect in his village by vowing to become its leader in the future — a story that Jordan really relates to.


Looking at the collection, it’s clear Jordan has inherited Konoha’s Will of Fire ’cause the entire thing is straight-up fiyaaa. It features everything from footwear, jackets, t-shirts to backpacks and belt bags.


Our favourites include the backpack and belt-bag that features the Mangekyō Sharingan and Naruto’s eyes when he’s in the Asura Kurama Mode, both reimagined with Coach’s Retro C graphic. There’s also a really cool 3-in-1 parka with Akatsuki cloud motifs and the Uchiha clan symbol on the back.


And if you really want, you could probably pull off a very subtle, high-fashion cosplay if that’s your thing.


Naruto-run as fast as you can towards Wisma Atria and The Shoppes at Marina Bay as The Coach x Michael B. Jordan collection is available now from $595. Click here for the full collection.