Here’s What It Takes To #BEanICON: Mango Autumn/Winter’19

By Germaine Leow

Fashion trends come and go — what’s in now could’ve been a fashion don’t decades ago. Now, you can recycle your granny’s blouse and look like you’re just sporting a retro look!

While it is clear to most of us that no fashion trend remains constant, Mango begs to differ. The fashion brand believes that personality is the best trend and they are here to prove that with their latest campaign for their Autumn/Winter’19 collection, #BEanICON.

On board with them are six fashion icons, influencers and creatives, each with their own unique sense of style and personality. They hail from different cities across the globe, each bringing a piece of home with them in their personal sense of style.

Mango takes them home, with each individual photographed in their home city. Photographer Dan Martensen was the man behind the lenses, drawing out the six individuals’ unique personalities in the campaign photos.

Jeanne Damas


The Parisian It Girl is no new face to Mango’s campaigns. If Parisian fashion can be defined by a single person, it would be her — Jeanne layers soft, feminine pieces with a structured blazer, bringing about a duality to her outfit, much like the average French girl with a twist.

André Saraiva 


Like his graffiti art, André’s style does not fit into a mould. His style, defined by a fusion of international styles, brings laid back pieces together with a reliable coat, perfect for the cosy season. Peek his style in his collaboration with Mango Man, the André x Mango capsule.

Veronika Heilbrunner


Another familiar face, #Mangogirl Veronika, takes things up a notch with her bold combinations. If fashion had a set of rules, she would be the one breaking them. She takes entirely separate pieces and brings them together cohesively, like she was the missing factor to the unthinkable equation.

Justin O’Shea


Talk about couple goals. Designer and partner of Veronika, Justin struts his style as well as his other half. Whoever said that businessman outfits are boring, clearly hasn’t met Justin. He incorporates bold colours and patterns in his outfits, bringing about an element of fun in his suits. He still means business though.

Pernille Teisbaek


One word: simplicity. Her style? Scandinavian minimalism meets everyday wear you’d find on the streets, but enhanced, in Pernille’s own unique way. It could be those boots, or perhaps even that belt, but something special always ties her simple outfits together.

Shuhei Nishiguchi


Shuhei’s style, as expected of a fashion director and regular of street fashion,  is a stylish combination of clean, classy and effortless. The distinct autumnal colours and patterns are fashionable layers of what you’d want to be wrapped up in this season.

The six individuals undeniably share a common interest and expertise in fashion but they vary on far ends of the scale with one distinct trait and that is: their personality.

Written by Germaine Leow.

Mango Autumn/Winter ’19 collection, available at all Mango stores and online at