Introducing Dazzling New Additions To Chanel’s CODE COCO Collection

By Germaine Leow

They’ve gotten fancier, bolder and bigger.

Bedazzle your wrists with the new additions to Chanel’s CODE COCO collection, introducing new designs that take it up a notch, bringing all eyes to your wrist.



These new arm candies are quintessentially Chanel — from their sleek finish to their iconic clasps, as seen on their classic 2.55  bags.

You’ve seen them shine in stores these past years but this year, they’re back with an extra sparkle — in this launch, all dials are paved with Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite gemstone, the diamond.


BEIGE GOLD and Diamonds ($71,220)


Here, we’re highlighting this exquisite design. Chanel introduces a new colour to the collection — the versatile and neutral BEIGE GOLD. Its subtle warm tone complements all complexions and adds a feminine touch to the collection.

Then, there’s also three new watches, part of the CODE COCO’s High-End series.

18K White Gold and Diamonds ($213,700)

Amp it up with one covered entirely in 18K White Gold and paved completely with brilliant-cut diamonds for twice the glam and sophistication. If you think the gold and steel editions were eye-catching enough, wait till you lay your eyes on this piece.

18K White Gold, Diamonds and Calf Leather ($177,100)

Bigger and better — with all the components of this piece oversized, it could very well be deemed the statement piece of the lot. Paired with a bracelet made of calf leather that is introduced for the very first time, this piece dons a contrasting yet cohesive mix of materials.

18K White Gold, Rubies and Diamonds (Price upon request)

Now, this one steals the show with its unique colour and use of rubies. Sourced thoroughly in Mozambique spanning 24 months to gather the most exceptional rubies, untreated and paired in both colour and density. Laced in a mesmerising raspberry red, reminiscent of Mademoiselle Chanel’s red lipstick, its colour is one that might evoke a pleasant sense of familiarity.

Written by Germaine Leow.

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