NYLON Singapore Beauty Hit List 2019: Hair Treatments

Smoothing serums, hair tonics, repair masks. Just when you thought that the beauty realm was all about makeup and skincare — the range of haircare products continue expanding with more options for you to choose from. Now it may seem that you can get away with a good pairing of shampoo and conditioner on the daily, but if you’re looking to achieve salon-ready locks within minutes, then you might want to consider incorporating these cult beauty favourites to your routine. Our panel of Beauty Hit List judges have tried and tested some these highly raved treatments for their tresses and here’s some of their top picks:

1. Be Hair Soothing Lotion, $36

2. Follizin Essential Scalp Toner, $48

“It’s so easy to forget about the scalp so I love that this product gives it the attention it deserves! After having so many hair products applied during photoshoots and shows, this one really helps to bring moisture back into my scalp (and stop any itching from the dryness).” — Aimee

3. Follizin 03 Hair Renew Leave-in Hair Masque, $50

4. Kerastase Extentioniste Masque, $69

5. Kerastase Extentioniste Serum, $60

6. Schwarzkopf Extra Care Total Repair 19+ Express Treatment Spray, $18.90

7. Schwarzkopf Seborin Hair Tonic for Thinning Hair, $12.90

8. Sisley Hair Rituel Revitalising Fortifying Serum, $250

9. THEFACESHOP BEYOND Professional Defense Scalp and Hair Treatment, $30.90

10. Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask, $19.90 EDITOR’S PICK!

“What a wonderful product that once again reaffirms my love for Japanese conditioning / treatment masks. My hair is bleached to death but after a wash with this, my brush slides right through my hair. Also – the sides of the jar are frictioned, which is just intelligent design – so you can open it even with soapy hands in the shower!” — Jemma

11. Yves Rocher Anti Pollution Rinsing Vinegar, $18 WINNER!

“This feels good, not too oily or weighs down the hair strands too much making it feel airy and moist at the same time.” — Jemma

“At first I was concerned my hair would smell vinegary, but the smell is actually super fresh and when I’m rinsing it off my scalp feels even a bit chilly. My hair at the scalp feels softer and super smooth afterwards too so not bad!” — Aimee

“If you’re like me and frequent the gym often… this is a treat!” — Hanli

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