Pikachu Chooses Who? This Makeup Brand Is Collaborating With Pokèmon

Another month, another Pokèmon collab. One of our favourite makeup brands, shu uemura is forgoing their traditional packaging in favour of Pikachu for their holiday collection, from the electrifying gold palette to their cult favourite cleansing oil bottle adorned with the Japanese character. ‘Tis the season to be dazzling, it seems — and we’re all for it.

With a clever play on words, the new seasonal limited edition collection is dubbed “Pikashu”.

The 22-piece collection comprises their rouge unlimited lipsticks (in 8 matte and shine finishes)eyeshadow palettesbrushes, an ultime8∞ beauty cleansing oil, and more — all of which will be decked out in a makeup-loving Pikachu with bright red lips and orange blusher. Did you spot his thunderbolt heart-shaped tail? What’s not to love?


There’s also a premium makeup box to capture all of the Pikashu items to look forward to as well as their iconic Naginata Shaped Eyebrow Pencil in seal brown to scoop up. Credit cards at the ready, ladies.

Check out the limited Rouge Unlimited lipsticks in limited edition packaging below and get in all the charming goodness before it reaches sellout status come 1 November 2019. At this point, we’d say it’s an inevitability.

Written by Sinead Lee.

WWritten by Sinead Lee.

The Pikashu collection will be pre-launched at shu uemura TANGS at Tang Plaza counter and Tangs.com from 25th Oct 2019, and officially launched islandwide at all shu uemura counters from 1st Nov 2019.
for more information, visit SHUUEMURA.COM.SG
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