Swatch’s Fall-Winter Collection: Perfect Balance of Wacky & Style

For watches, sometimes fashion can be as equally important as its utilitarian function — something Swatch is no stranger to. When you think Swatch, you think of bold, bright, colourful and crazy designs, so expect nothing less from their Fall-Winter collection. From Bauhaus-inspired pieces to wacky reinterpretations of iconic pieces of art, you’ll never lose out when it comes to making a fashion statement. At least, not on Swatch’s watch.

Swatch x Bauhaus


The Bau Swatch starts from $90. (via Swatch)

2019 marks 100 years of the world-famous Bauhaus movement. In celebration, the BAU SWATCH was created. Combining bold primary colours with an artistic and playful approach, these pieces are perfect for those who not only want to stand out, but demand attention just by being in the room. If you have out-of-this-world hairstyles and equally attention-seeking fashion pieces to boot, this one’s for you.

Swatch x musée du Louvre


The Swatch x Louvre starts from $80. (via Swatch)

Probably our favourite out of the entire collection, this is Swatch’s wacky and contemporary twist to the Louvre’s classic masterpieces. With the LISA MASQUEE, feel free to slap on a TMNT’s Michaelangelo-esque neon orange mask on Leonardo DaVinci’s portrait of the world-famous lady with the mysterious smile. Early 17th-century couple Marie de’ Medici and her husband Henry IV of France are also not spared by Swatch’s cheekiness. Marie has apparently adopted Marge Simpson’s blue shade of hair and her husband sure is trendy for his time — rocking a bright orange hipster glasses. For an absolutely quirky contemporary twist to classic art, look no further.

Swatch x Sunny Singapore


The Singapore Tale retails at $125. (via Swatch)

Singapore’s a rojak of culture and diversity and it’s hard to put our finger on just one thing that best represents us. So, why not put EVERYTHING? Designed by local artist Tan Zi Xi, the Singapore Tale includes instantly recognisable icons from our sunny island. From Gardens by The Bay, the Singapore Flyer to durian and Dragon playgrounds, you’ll find every Singapore icon portrayed in the style of vintage Peranakan tiles found in old 1970s shophouses. No better piece to show off your patriotism than this.

Swatch’s New Skin Irony Models


The Skin Irony starts from $209. (via Swatch)

While you can count on Swatch to be loco, they are perfectly able to pull off today’s minimalistic and modern look as well. This is evident in their new Skin Irony models. The Skin Irony watch features the thinness of the Skin series with a polished stainless steel case and a clean watch face with minimalistic yet detailed dials. It’s now available in a 42mm case and is as versatile a timepiece you can get. Whether you’re wearing a suit with sneakers, heading to the office or just chilling in a bar, you’ll find no occasion not to bring it out with you.


Swatch’s Winter-Fall collection is available now at all Swatch outlets or online. For more info, please click here.