These Were The Highlights Of Sasalista Vol. 2!

On September 24th, we joined Sasa for the ultimate beauty event — Sasalista Vol. 2! Held at Capital Zouk, the evening was filled with fun, friends and fantastic beauty products for all to try. On top of that, with this year’s Walk of Fame theme, guests were treated to entertaining performances by superstar impersonators, who greeted us at the entrance.



Guests visited brand booths throughout the evening, with Sasa’s exclusive, bestselling brands and products available for everyone to play with. Ranging across skincare, makeup, fragrances and haircare, some of our favourites included 23.5°N, -417, GOSH Copenhagen and Cremorlab. Check out our thoughts on some of the new products below.


The skincare label originates from Taiwan, working with Asian crops, utilising typically gourmet ingredients to nurture the skin. Taiwan’s geographical location allows for the rich growth of flowers, fruits, crops and vegetables, all of which go towards 23.5°N’s formula. The brand promises a comfortable experience, with no heavy textures and a refreshing oil and water-based formula.

What impressed us the most that night were their range of Gel Masks — all of which target different skincare issues. Each mask offers a different skin solution, including brightening, hydrating and exfoliating.



Made out of carefully, locally-sourced natural ingredients, the active ingredients from the plants are preserved and added to the formula. The products we tried out looked good, felt good and smelled good — definitely ticking all our boxes in what we need in our skincare routines.


Established in Tel Aviv, Israel, -417 (minus 417) is the pioneer brand in creating cosmetics derived from the Dead Sea. Using the concept of “Beauty You Can Sense”, their goal is to awaken your senses through an exclusive beauty experience. This September, the brand launched the Even More series — a collection made to reduce dark spots, brighten skin and reveal the true clarity of your natural skin. Targeting hyperpigmentation, the series promises to supercharge your skincare with a range of radiance-boosting, complexion-correcting, skin-nourishing and protective products.


Intense Brightening White-Mineral Mask ($85), Rejuvenating Brightening Night Cream ($95), Brightening & Firming Cream Body Neck Décolleté ($80), Brightening Cleanser & Make-Up Remover ($55)


The new collection includes a Brightening Cleanser & Make-up Remover ($55), Rejuvenating Brightening Night Cream ($95), Brightening & Firming Cream ($80) and Intense Brightening White-Mud Mask ($85). Out of the series, we were most impressed by the Brightening & Firming Cream — after testing it out, we saw immediate results on our skin! The cream promises to help protect the skin against sun damage, as well as improving skin elasticity and firmness on delicate areas of the body, including the neck and décolleté.

GOSH Copenhagen

No stranger to our shores, Denmark’s #1 beauty and skincare company is continuing to deliver affordable, high-quality products to us — and they’re all cruelty-free! This year, GOSH has launched six new products, including a full coverage foundation with packaging made out of ocean waste plastic — each bottle is equivalent to saving ten plastic bags from the ocean.


Dextreme High Coverage Powder (4 Shades, $25.90 each), Dextreme Full Coverage Foundation (4 Shades, $39.90 each), Waterproof Setting Powder ($34.90)


The products that caught our eye were the Dextreme Full Coverage Foundation ($39.90), the Dextreme High Coverage Powder ($25.90) and the Waterproof Setting Powder ($34.90). The Dextreme Foundation and Powder seem to complement each other, both available in 4 shades. Both products have high, long-lasting coverage with a matte finish, and are perfume-free and vegan. The only gripe we have is the limited shade range, but we hope to see a wider range soon! The Waterproof Setting Powder promises to make makeup waterproof and smudge-proof, on top of absorbing oil and reducing shine. While we didn’t manage to test exactly how waterproof the product is, the loose powder is silky, lightweight and provides a smooth finish.


Making its debut in Singapore this year, the South Korean beauty brand specialises in products created with the power of T.E.N.™ — Thermal Water Therapy, Eco-energy and Natural Nourishment. Each product focuses on the hydration and health of the skin, and T.E.N.™ water is filled with minerals and nutrients that are directly delivered to the skin. All Cremorlab products are paraben-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum-free, benzophenone-free, PABA (Para-aminobenzoic Acid) free and contain no artificial colouring.


T.E.N.™ Miracle The Essence ($55), T.E.N.™ Cremor For Face Fresh Water Gel ($65), T.E.N.™ Cremor Mineral Treatment Essence ($60)


The products within the T.E.N.™ series contain a combination of natural botanical extracts to reinforce the benefits of the T.E.N.™ thermal water. The series consists of the T.E.N.™ Miracle The Essence ($55), T.E.N.™ Cremorlab for Face Fresh Water Gel ($65) and the T.E.N.™ Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence ($60). Out of the three, we were most intrigued by the Mineral Treatment Essence — the 5 in 1 solution promises to deliver hydration, reduce wrinkles, tighten pores, brighten the complexion and refine the texture of the skin. Ideal for normal, combination and oily skin types, this is an essence most will benefit from.

Sasalista Vol. 2 seriously showed us what Sasa has to offer, and we can’t wait to see what Volume 3 might bring!

All products listed are exclusively available at SASA STORES ISLAND-WIDE and At The SASA ONLINE STORE.