Trick Or Treat In Style: Saint Laurent Rive Droite Halloween Collection

By Germaine Leow

If ready-to-wear Halloween costumes from supermarkets aren’t your cup of tea and having to D-I-Y your own seems like too much effort, you might want to go down the simple but stylish route.

Saint Laurent Rive Droite brings grunge fashion and party necessities together in a collection where you can buy packs of Halloween masks or faded graphic tees. Or both.

We love its classic take on Halloween — nothing too bloody or messy, just a sleek black painting the collection with minimalist designs: think clean white fonts over a contrasting black or an iconic skeletal print on a knit sweater.


Why go trick or treating with a pumpkin basket if you can store even more candy with Saint Laurent’s tote bags? There’s even more space for you to pop in some other party necessities like their Halloween-esque bottle openers and lighters.

Seal the deal with the Goth and Dark Wave pack, consisting of a YSL beauty kit — slather on some black to get that face Halloween-ready!

Written by Germaine Leow.

The Saint Laurent Rive Droite Halloween collection is available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores or online at