Exploring The Oo La Lab Fragrance Mixology Kit With Christabel Chua

By Germaine Leow

They say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory — just a whiff and it could take you decades back to a special moment. We probably associate people with smells too — like that classmate that used to whip out her distinctively strong Victoria Secret body mist after PE class, or the mouth-watering aroma of your grandma’s homemade dishes.

Taking fragrances to a whole new level is Oo La Lab, a craft fragrance lab. You can now create a scent completely unique to you, from the first drop to the last. You’ve probably seen them around with their little bottles of scents — from those our noses are familiar with to some we’ve never thought could go into our perfumes! Not forgetting their iconic periodic table of fragrance notes which will leave you feeling like a little scientist crafting your very own scent.

The nose behind this fresh innovation is Terry Jacobson, founder and creative director of Oo La Lab. With experience and expertise going a decade back, Terry opened up a new world of perfumery in Singapore. For starters, it’s a dream come true for those of us who have always wanted to create our own fragrance. It’s also a great gift — a fragrance you can’t buy off the shelves.

Now, you can create not just one, but multiple scents of your own by taking the lab home with you in the form of a Fragrance Mixology Kit. The kit allows you to create up to nine different scents in thousands of possible combinations! Inside, you’ll find a guided instruction manual, fragrance table sheets, a blotter booklet and twelve fragrance notes in 5ml dropper bottles.


To bring out the kit’s sense of individuality and creativity, Oo La Lab partnered up with some unique individuals to create their own fragrance.

The first protagonist of our video series with Oo La Lab is none other than our February/March 2019 cover girl — Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly)!


A social media content creator and entrepreneur (her brand: @iamkai.co), she’s a multi-hyphenate with many sides to her — all of which carries the same bright smile.

Watch her explore the Oo La Lab Fragrance Mixology Kit Oo2:


The Fragrance Mixology Kit Oo2 includes a limited edition note, Lavender, a household fragrance commonly found in essential oils and wellness products. With its soothing element, it’ll give your fragrances a familiar yet refreshing kick.

Christabel takes on the challenge of creating her own fragrance with her bubbly and cheery demeanour — filling the room with her excited giggles and exclaims as she sifts through the different notes to pick out her favourite ones.

She shares the inspiration behind her scent, with each note carefully thought through and dropped in with a clear purpose. Her fragrance, like her, has a charming duality of headstrong determination with a hint of gentle girliness.


Written by Germaine Leow.

Each Mixology Kit retails at the price of $188, with a limited edition Christmas kit available at $198. Available at the Oo La Lab flagship store at NomadX at Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #03-65 Store Number N3-18, Singapore 238839 and online at www.oola-lab.com