We Tried GOSH Makeup and Here’s What We Think

By Germaine Leow

On another episode of “affordable makeup that does its job unexpectedly well”, we bring to you another drugstore beauty brand we (grew to) love. Starring GOSH — Denmark’s #1 beauty and skincare company.


While this might sound too good to be true, we tried GOSH’s products for ourselves and found them to be effective (delivering what it claims to) and affordable, all while being cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly — yes, you read that right! Their latest product, the Dextreme Foundation’s packaging is 40% made of ocean waste plastic, collected from beaches, rivers and oceans all around the world and most of their products are vegan-friendly.

Dextreme Full Coverage Foundation 30ml, $39.90


High coverage? Check. Long lasting? Check.

I’m pretty picky when it comes to a good foundation and this one satisfies all my demands — high and buildable coverage that is long lasting, particularly great for combination or oily skin in Singapore’s humid weather.

The foundation goes on smoothly and evens out nicely on my skin. Rather than a “full” coverage, I would say it has more of a “high” coverage — you might need to build up on certain areas, particularly redness. While it has a thick consistency, it does not feel heavy on my skin.

If all you’re looking for is a close-to-flawless, matte finish then I’d say GOSH’s Dextreme Full Coverage Foundation is worth every cent of your $39.90. I won’t deny that there are exceedingly better high coverage and long lasting foundations out there but for what it’s worth, you’re getting a bang for your buck.

Fun fact: Each time you purchase a bottle, you save ten plastic bags from the ocean.

Dextreme High Coverage Powder, $25.90


This claims to “create full and effortless coverage with just one sweep” and well, they weren’t lying. I had low expectations for this product — having a preconceived prejudice that high coverage can only be achieved with a good bottle of liquid foundation. I had expected to touch up my blemishes with concealer after I powdered this on but boy, was I surprised.

Naturally, it felt lightweight and incredibly breathable on my skin — if not for the immediate coverage, I would not have known if I’ve gotten any product on.

This powder is perfect for lazy days, when you want to achieve effortless high coverage, or on days when your skin is doing a little better. I only had to conceal my under eyes (which I’d expected — no powder could hide those bags) with concealer after and I was good to go.

In fact, I might like this more than the Dextreme foundation simply because it saves me another step (translucent powder) by reducing shine and appearance of pores with its matte finish!

Brow Hair Stroke 24H Pen, $23.90

Let me just start off by saying that each swipe comes with a lot of product. While that is essentially a plus point, I personally found the product harder to control as I prefer to naturally build up the product. However, this wouldn’t be a problem for those of you who like a lot of product with each swipe or pump of your makeup products.

Its micro-fork tip emulates both a pen tip and a comb, creating natural hair-like strokes and precise application. For a longwear brow product that says “24h” and “tattoo” on its packaging, you would expect it to leave a stain after hours of use.  I was pleasantly surprised when the product came off cleanly — rest assured though, it doesn’t budge without proper makeup remover!

High Coverage Concealer, $23.90

Before I met the Dextreme High Coverage Powder (see above), my go-to product for lazy days were reliable concealers to slather on before dashing out my house so naturally, I had high hopes for this — hoping it would make my relatively tiny collection of “Concealers I Like”.

It does what I’d expect a concealer to do — conceal my blemishes and eye bags. It does its job, for sure, and is pretty long lasting too. What I really love about this product though, has got to be its wide applicator — the product glides on smoothly, on a bigger surface area and one swipe is usually (more than) enough to conceal most of my blemishes.

P.S. This concealer, paired with the Dextreme High Coverage Powder, makes the A team!

Written by Germaine Leow.

GOSH products are available at SASA stores or sasa.com.sg.