Single And Not Ready To Mingle? Here Are The Best Restaurants For Solo Dining!

Devoted (and observant) readers of NYLON’s food section might notice that we’ve yet to land on a certain dining category: solo dining.

No offence to the ones we hold dear, but the self-love movement dubbed alone time is calling; so we’re answering. Appealing to both extroverts and introverts alike, the way we see it, nothing cures a case of societal overload quite like minimising social contact with a plate of sizzling dumplings.

Now, keep calm, and dine solo at these cafes and restaurants.

Antea Social

solo dining
Photo credit: @Beixin

Starting off the list, we have the most aptly named of the lot: Antea Social, a teahouse where you can expect artisan teas from the Orient and bakes such as cakes, scones and tarts. With small lounging spaces, you can have meaningly conversations with tea. Go for the Golden Pomelo Oolong to treat your taste buds to a wide spectrum of citrus flavours, complemented by a rich carrot cake.

address: 9 tyrwhitt road, Singapore 089158

Gangsta Ramen

Photo credit: @Eatbooksg

If you want alone time during a meal — not having to engage in conversationsthis joint by the Fukuoka ramen chain Ichiran is as reliable as it gets. With 12 single-pax booths with front dividers and a menu of hot bowls of ramen, everything is minimal here. But aesthetics aside, this relatively new restaurant churns out pork gyozas, black truffle ramen and side dishes like smoked duck and chicken cutlet.

address: 1 tanjong pagar plaza, #02-10, Singapore 082001

Pasta Bar

Photo credit: @Pastabarsg

Hidden in the quiet streets of Keong Saik Road, Pasta Bar’s spacious interiors and daily handmade plates of pasta are set to impress. With a bar top seating concept that only faces the chefs, you get to immerse yourself in the full eating experience. They serve a myriad of different pasta offerings, but not to be missed are some of their antipasti creations such as their grilled lamb skewers and beef tripe stew.

address: 55 Keong Saik Road, #01-05, Singapore 089158

Dumpling Darlings

solo dining
Photo credit: @Le_sycomore

Dumpling Darlings produce an extensive range of dumplings with an Asian flair, featuring everything from Impossible Meat curry spice dumplings, spicy Sichuan minced pork dumplings to one with Korean pickles and shitake gochujang. If this smorgasbord of dumplings isn’t enough, they also offer savoury noodles served with mushrooms or pork ragu. Seat for just one, please.

address: 44 amoy street, Singapore 069870

The Market Grill

Photo credit: @Themarketgrillsg

The Market Grill is a cosy restaurant with bar top seating perfect for solo diners, and their selection of fresh cuts of steaks and Atlantic lobsters proves to be extensive at best. Their lobsters are freshly grilled to perfection; as well as serving up tasty sweet bakes, such as their brown butter pear cheesecake and citrus meringue.

address: 208 telok ayer street, Singapore 068642

Mitzo Restaurant & Bar

Photo credit: @Mitzosg

Mitzo is no stranger to folks who love Cantonese cuisine (or solo dining), and boasts a good view of the cocktail craftsmen in action as they whip up unique concoctions — if you decide to dine at their cocktail atelier. From a ginger-infused vodka to chrysanthemum-inspired whisky sours to a Singapore Sling — you name it, they have it.

address: grand park orchard, level 4, Singapore 238857

Culina at Como Dempsey

Photo credit: @Culinacomodempsey

Fashioned like a modern French-style bistro, Culina is an ideal place to unwind with you and just you on a Friday night. As much as we love their grilled meats and crab cakes, their beef bourguignon with potato puree has won a special place in our hearts. Pair it with a champagne Mojito for the perfect break.

address: blk 15 dempsey road, Singapore 249674

Ippoh Tempura Bar

Photo credit: @Ippohsg

The smell of light and crisp tempuras wafts in the air as you order your sake, and your side dish of cold somen noodles are perfect for a relaxing solo dining night — just check out their 12-seater bar. While having an impressive range of 15 types of tempura ingredients, every piece of tempura is also served with a delicate seasoning that complements the natural flavours.

address: blk 17b dempsey road, Singapore 249676

Written by Sinead Lee.

photo credit: @ZIPPYZIPENG, @fundametally_flawed, @VALERIEYSABELLE