Fenty Beauty Just Dropped Their Snap Shadow Palettes And They’re Literally Snap-Worthy

“Oh, snap!” That was our exact sentiments when we got hold of Fenty Beauty’s latest addition to their line. Making another big return, Riri has surprised fans and makeup aficionados alike with her new eyeshadows which come in 6-pan palettes and 8 colour stories.

Available from Dec 26 on Sephora.sg, the Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palettes have drawn the attention of many with its cool concept that beauty lovers from around the world will love — especially when it’s perfectly compact and convenient to use! 

And yes, they’re called Snap Shadows for a reason — you can literally snap two palettes together to play up your look with!

If you’re wondering about the colour payoff, then look no further. Ahead, we’ve swatched all 8 palettes from the collection so you don’t have to — use them on their own or snap two palettes to double up for the ultimate eyeshadow palette of your dreams…


With 8 different colour stories, we’re not surprised that you’d be second-guessing on which palette you’re planning to get your hands on first. From soft neutral hues to bright pops of colours (and not to mention pastels), there’s definitely one that would tickle your fancy.


If you’re one who loves to go peachy by day, and smokey by night, consider palettes 5 and 6 from Fenty Beauty’s Snap Shadow Collection which features a mix of your favourite everyday shades to switch up your look from day to night!


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Snap Shadows and Brushes will be available starting December 26, 2019 online at Sephora.sg and in-store at Sephora starting January 16, 2020.