Pokemon Go, WhatsApp, Fortnite, Grab: Here are Apple Singapore’s Top Games and Apps of 2019

We’re all connected via our smartphones, and to say that apps don’t play a big part in our lives would be a lie. Since the creation of apps and games, we all have to admit that they have made daily life a little simpler, and a lot more interesting.

While we all may have our own preferences when it comes to downloading the ideal app or game, it is common to still find an app or two that exists in the majority of phones. To give us an insight into just what these apps are, tech giant Apple has recently unveiled the best apps and games of 2019 which have excelled in influencing culture and driving the app culture forward.

As some of the global apps may not be available for download locally, Apple Singapore has done the next best thing by collating the top apps and games here in Singapore – see if you can spot your most-used app or games on the list!


Apple Singapore’s Top Free Apps
Apple Singapore’s Top Paid Apps
Apple Singapore’s Top Free Games
Apple Singapore’s Top Paid Games


To download the available Apps, click here. To download the available Games, click here.