12 Watches For CNY & Valentine’s To Change Your Mind On Gifting Taboos

Cultural taboos and superstitions sometimes just require an alternate perspective for us to look at things differently. So although we are aware that Asian traditions dictate watches as a huge no-go when it comes to getting someone a gift, we are making a case that they actually make great ones!

After all, in present-day, our easy access to cultures the world over through digital platforms give rise to changing attitudes towards tradition and encourages open-mindedness when discussing them.

The way we see it, gifting a watch is never bad, but not giving your time to someone you care about is.



The time-honoured tradition of watch gifting in relationships, both romantic or not, hold significant meaning. Amongst which is the declaration that the couple is willing to spend as much time in their day together when possible. Basically a gift of a watch bestows upon the receiver the message of unyielding commitment in the relationship. The watch at its most fundamental purpose – timekeeping – also reiterates the value you place on time when spending it with a loved one. A great sentiment to let someone know you care this CNY or Valentine’s we think.



When gifting a watch, style and fit are important factors to consider before purchase. With the dizzying assortment of watches available, it’s a tough choice to choose between one bedazzled in crystals or another that features a uniquely-treated dial. Here’s where you can put your understanding of your giftee to the test. Or you can look out for indicators in their personal style when making a decision.



Our top tip is to take notice of the type of jewellery they wear – statement or dainty – as they reveal a telling sign of their tastes when it comes to accessories.

And what if they don’t wear any bling? Good news, because that narrows down your watch gifting choices to pieces with leather straps as opposed to bracelet varieties. Play it safe and avoid taking unnecessary risks by getting something unpredictable. As a rule of thumb, a gift that doesn’t break rank often holds the giftee’s interest for longer.

So with that, have a go at these 12 red watches for your consideration to gift a loved one this CNY and Valentine’s!


The watches featured are available now at their respective brand boutiques islandwide.