Get Snacking on These Goodies From Our CNY Snacks Round-Up

If there’s one thing we all love besides getting our red packets during Chinese New Year, it’s the endless amount of Chinese New Year snacks that we get to enjoy as part of the festivities. From pineapple tarts to cornflake cookies and mini cakes, here’s a round-up of some CNY snacks you might want to stock up with for the upcoming gatherings.

1.  Ah Mah Homemade Cake


Enjoy Ah Mah’s Pineapple and Cocoa Cookies ($12.80) which are rat-shaped cookies that are carefully shaped by hand and moulded to perfection to encase the tart, less sweet pineapple filling within a buttery pastry. Made using the techniques that are similar to that of Ah Mah’s signature castella cakes, you can snack on these cookies with ease knowing that there are no baking soda, preservatives or artificial flavouring used!

In addition to the adorable cookies, you could also try the fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth Cotton Cheesecake ($10) which is Ah Mah’s new creation that can be enjoyed warm or chilled.

You can find these snacks at Ah Mah Homemade Cake Bukit Panjang Plaza, Lot One, Paya Lebar Square, and VivoCity.

2.  BreadTalk


From now till 8 February 2020, treat the family to orient cake delights which use fruits such as lime, prune, and mandarin orange to symbolise an abundance of fortune, prosperity and wealth.

Choose from Zesty Dreams ($13.80), which is a refreshing lemon butter cake with desiccated coconut and lime; Blissful Delight ($13.80) which is a moist prune cake topped with a hint of dark rum; or the Orange Almond Wheel ($9.80), a light and moist financier cake with brown butter and orange slices. You could also opt for the Lucky Gem or Little Mandarin financier cakes which are $10.80 each for a box of eight.

Find specially designed buns available for the occasion which features the pineapple custard-filled Prosperity Pineapple ($2.20); the chocolate cream cheese Golden Mouse ($2.20); the Fortune Pillow ($2.20) filled with fragrant pork floss and smoky bakkwa chunks; BreadTalk’s version of the Nian Gao ($2.20); the Berry Sweet Success ($2.60) with sweet strawberries atop its light, buttery croissant; and the Yammy Treasure ($1.90) in a shape of an ingot with sweet yam filling.

Aside from buns and cakes, BreadTalk also has a curated seasonal collection of snacks for you to take home. These include the Cereal Cookies ($18.80), Butter Cookies ($18.80), Chocolate Cream Kueh Kapet ($18.80), and A Pocket of Wealth buttery cheese cookies ($2.80 for 8pcs).

You can find these snacks at all BreadTalk outlets, while stocks last.

3.  Godiva


Indulge in chocolatey delights this Chinese New Year with GODIVA’s exquisitely crafted chocolate which features their rich Dark Chocolate Ganache and two special flavours — the Pecan Praline and Rice Crisp Milk Chocolate (fragrant pecans mixed in with rice crisps encased in GODIVA’s signature milk chocolate case), and the Lemon Ganache White Chocolate (creamy white chocolate filled with zesty lemon ganache).

You can find these chocolates for purchase in a variety of limited edition gift boxes (from $58 to $148) at all GODIVA outlets.

4.  Janice Wong Singapore

2020 sees the introduction of their exclusive Chocolate 40g Bars ($12 each) which are available in two flavours, Mandarin Orange and Hae Bee Hiam. Each dark chocolate bar is hand-crafted and beautifully decorated with a splash of festive colour and infused with either Mandarin Orange or Hae Bee Hiam bits to create texture alongside a punch of flavour.


Apart from the individual chocolate bars, there are also packaged snacks available in single cookie jars which include the Chocolate Coated Love Letters ($18), and the Chocolate Coated Pineapple Tarts ($32). Exclusive to this range is the new Hae Bee Hiam Cookies ($25), as well as the CNY Signature Chocolate Bakkwa Cookies ($25).


If cookie snacks are not your thing, you can always stock up on their Chocolate Coated Nuts and Fruit Jellies ($58), which come in nine different flavours including Mandarin, Apricot, Cassis, Strawberry, Apple, and Raspberry. Alternatively, you could also opt for Janice Wong’s all-new CNY Special Mr Rat Chocolate ($32 for a pair), which is a playful-looking chocolate rat that surprises with cocoa almond fillings.

You can find these snacks at Janice Wong Singapore National Museum, Paragon, Raffles City Shopping Centre, and online here.

5.  Magnum

It’s always good to have a cool snack to beat the heat with especially during Chinese New Year. Magnum’s all-new Mini Chocolate Orange ($10.90 for a minipack of 6) limited-edition ice cream does just that with an exquisite infusion of zesty orange and rich milk chocolate encased in the signature cracking chocolate.

You can find the all-new Magnum Chocolate Orange for a limited time only at all major supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol marts, and online at Redmart.

6.  Marks & Spencer


Fill your home with joyous sweet treats from Marks & Spencer which includes the Milk Chocolate Coins ($3.90) and Toffee Chocolate Eclairs ($4.70). The much-loved Percy Pig gummies have also been given a New Year makeover in an exclusive Limited Edition Percy Pig Ceramic Piggy Bank ($19.90) which comes with one packet of Percy Pig Sweets.


In the spirit of celebration, Marks & Spencer has also launched a limited edition Milk Chocolate Orange Cream and Vanilla Cream Biscuits tin ($5.90 each) which comes wrapped in red and gold respectively for good fortune. The beloved chocolate wrapped kirsch-soaked Cherry Liqueurs ($12.90) have also returned this season alongside the Operetta ($12.90) which are whole hazelnuts individually wrapped in rich praline cream and crispy wafer, and coated with milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts.

You can find these snacks at Marks & Spencer Jewel, Marina Square, Paragon, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, Raffles Place, VivoCity, and Wheelock Place.

7.  Milksha

Drink to a year of prosperity with Milksha’s limited edition Ong Lai Tea and Ong Lai Ice Blended! Priced at $5 for a medium and at $5.80 for a large, both drinks feature two types of frozen pineapple juice that is specially imported in from Taiwan. The juices from the sweet Jin Zuan pineapple (金钻凤梨) and the sour Tu pineapple (土凤梨) are blended in with lightly-roasted oolong tea leaves to create a unique mix of sweet and sour notes with an earthy finish.

You can find both drinks from now to 8 February 2020 at Milksha Novena Square, Paya Lebar Quarter, Funan and Suntec City Mall.

8.  myEureka

Impress your family, friends and relatives with myEureka’s Perfect Ten POP-sperity Gift Set ($30) that comes with 10 of the brand’s best-selling popcorn flavours which are Tomato, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Original Sea Salt, Caramel, Cheese, Dark Chocolate, White Coffee, Seaweed and Wasabi. Each can also come designed with an auspicious greeting for the new year!

You can find this set at all myEureka outlets.

9.  PrimaDéli

From now till 24 January, you’re free to choose from a spread of close to 30 delicious items from PrimaDéli to welcome the new year.

Don’t miss PrimaDéli’s popular Supreme Pineapple Tarts ($25.80) which are filled with freshly-grated premium pineapple that’s lovingly baked in buttery crumbly goodness. Another crowd favourite would be the Premium Pandan Chiffon Cake ($7.90 / $14.90), which is packed with a pleasant aroma of fresh pandan leaves and coconut. Alternatively, you could try the new range of PrimaDéli Prosperity Cookies which features Black Sesame Cookies ($19.80), Butter Sugar Cookies ($19.80), and Cranberry Cinnamon Cookies ($19.80).

You can find these snacks at all PrimaDéli outlets.

10.  Proofer Bakery

Available from now till 31 January, enjoy Proofer’s special CNY selection of buns at $2, or at 4 pieces for $6.

The flavours include Wealth (Jin Yu Man Tang), a savoury bun that is filled with hard-boiled eggs, ham, corn, sliced cheese, and mixed with mayonnaise, corn and celery; Longevity (Wu Fu Lin Men) which comes with a generous peppering of walnuts, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and raisins; Good Fortune (Da Ji Da Li), another savoury treat specked with bread crumbs and filled with curry chicken and hard-boiled eggs, and the aptly-named Abundance (Nian Nian You Yu) which comes packed with tuna, mayonnaise in a white and black sesame bun.

If you’re looking for a larger, slightly filling snack to share with your family, go for Proofer’s 11-inch Prosperity Pizzas ($14.90 each) — Let’s Bakkwa (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) and Bring Yu Prosperity (Cai Yuan Gun Gun).

Let’s Bakkwa (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) comes peppered with chicken ham, shredded chicken, chicken bakkwa, capsicum, pineapple, and topped with cheese, roasted sesame sauce and chicken floss while the Bring Yu Prosperity (Cai Yuen Gun Gun) features flecks of tuna, crabstick meat, onions, capsicum, and infused with cheese and fresh tomato sauce.

You can find these snacks at all Proofer Bakery outlets.

11.  Tai Sun


Together with its sister brands NOYA and Nature’s Wonders, homegrown nuts and chips brand, Tai Sun presents a classic Chinese New Year range of goodies which includes Tai Sun’s Ah Ma Traditional Nonya Love Letters ($12.30); the NOYA Pineapple Tarts ($11.60); the NOYA Macadamia Delights ($11.80); and the all-time favourite Tai Sun Prawn Rolls ($8.90) which are made with flavourful chilli and dried prawn filling.


For a slightly guilt-free option of CNY snacks, opt for Nature’s Wonders and Tai Sun’s nuts and dried fruits range which includes the Tai Sun Roasted Cashew Nuts ($11.35); the Tai Sun California Pistachios ($10.10) which are packed with
nutrients, minerals and natural fibre; Nature’s Wonders Fruits & Nuts Fusion ($10.95) which offers a mix of lightly baked cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio kernels, roasted grams, golden raisins and sun-dried figs; and Nature’s Wonders Baked Macadamias with Almonds ($14.90).

You can find these Tai Sun snacks at all major supermarkets.

12.  The Marmalade Pantry


Embrace the familiar flavours of traditional classic Chinese New Year treats with The Marmalade Pantry’s selection of goodies. The Pineapple Tarts ($22) offer a buttery crust which melts-in-your-mouth to reveal the rich and lightly-spiced pineapple jam, while the Cashew Nut Cookies ($19+) brings you a satisfying crunch to a comforting snack. If you’re looking for something with a little more kick, the Sambal Shrimp Rolls ($19+) will do the trick with its intense and explosive flavour.

You can find these snacks at The Marmalade Pantry ION Orchard, Oasia Hotel Downtown, Oasia Hotel Novena, and The Marmalade Pantry Petite.

13.  Thye Moh Chan


Enjoy five new traditional hand-crafted Teochew treats from Thye Moh Chan during the Lunar New Year which includes the Bak Kwa Tau Sar ($13.80 for a box of 6) created based on the chef’s private recipe and incorporates bak kwa into smooth mung bean filling and offers a mix of flavours and textures in a crisp pastry; as well as the Golden Yam Mochi ($13.80 for a box of 6) features yam filling and black sugar mochi in a fluffy buttery pastry that delivers an interesting chewy texture with each bite.

For more bite-sized treats with a tinge of local flavour, try the Gula Melaka Pineapple Pastry ($12 for a box of 6) which features crumbly buttery pastry with sweet pineapple filling infused with a touch of gula melaka.


As an auspicious dish for Teochews, the Fortune Yam ($16.80) is a traditional yam cake filled with turnip, mushrooms, pork, and dried shrimp to symbolise abundance and good fortune for the coming year. Another good item to try is the Auspicious Fish ($18.80) which is a light and refreshing jelly filled with wolfberries, dried longan, and osmanthus flowers.

You can find these snacks at Thye Moh Chan BreadTalk IHQ, Chinatown Point, Jewel and Paragon.

14.  Toast Box


This year, Toast Box introduces the Golden Yam Cake Bites ($3 / $4.50) which is a bite-sized classic treat that’s delicately crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Made with dried shirtake mushrooms, fried shallots, peanuts, dried shrimp, and served with a balance of spring onion and garlic sauce, it is a quintessential snack to have without filling too full. Alternatively, you could also enjoy the Tang Yuan in Red Bean Soup ($2.80 / $3.80) which combines original sweet potato and taro balls in an orange and pandan infused red bean soup.

If you’re looking for snacks to keep, opt for the melt-in-your-mouth Cereal Cookies ($18.80) or Peanut Butter Kueh Kapet ($18.80) which creates a well-balanced combination of sweet and salty.

You can find these snacks from now to 8 February at all Toast Box outlets.