Givenchy’s SS20 Bond Bags Are Your Cheat Code To Look Like A Jet-Setter

People watching at a cafe is fun, but people watching at an airport is primetime entertainment. Often we try to be the frequent flyer with the smart holdall chilling at the lounge, but we usually end up being the hot mess with a bag that can be barely zipped. Maybe we have poor packing skills, or maybe we have just been using the wrong bag all along. Expanding upon the concept of the uniform for the travel-intensive urbanite lifestyle, Givenchy’s SS20 Bond collection may be the only thing we will ever need when we wanna nail the effortless jet-setter look the next time we fly.


Givenchy SS20 Bond Bag Collection

The roomy Bond Shopper isn’t actually affiliated with 007, but it is handsomely crafted in the label’s exceptional textiles with masculine studs and is so named for its notable laced up detail holding all its contents in place. Chains, string details, and the label’s eponymous print offers eye-grabbing flashes of colour on the collection’s otherwise muted palette.

With practicality as a design focus, the Bond’s distinctive features are likewise adapted across the label’s lust-worthy belt bag, crossbody pieces, backpacks, and the ever-reliable duffle — so there’s no setting where style won’t be in your vocabulary.


The Givenchy Bond collection will be available from $1,750 to $3,900 in Singapore at selected Givenchy stores on Mid-January 2020.