Helena Christensen x H&M Celebrates You With A Collection In Bloom

Few of us mere mortals can match our appearances with iconic supermodels like Helena Christensen. And even fewer can compare ourselves to the Copenhagen-born beauty who’s also a world-renowned photographer, philanthropist, and most notably co-founder of NYLON.

But with her latest collaboration with H&M, we can literally embody her creative genius and faultless style with the pieces in the collection. Featuring a monochromatic line of 90s-inspired tees, cropped sweatshirts, and oversized hoodies, the relaxed silhouettes serve to highlight photographs of various flowers by Christensen.



This collaboration celebrates the optimism and joie de vivre of the generation of tomorrow (AKA you), with the camera-ready flowers carrying the message of youth in bloom and individualistic beauty. As the world gets closer to The End, or so says the Doomsday Clock with just 100 seconds to midnight, it’s the young who now shine brighter than anyone else. Greta Thunberg hello?



As seen in the campaign images lensed by Christensen — who also photographed NYLON Magazine’s first cover featuring Liv Tyler — the diverse cast of models imbue an infectiously positive energy commonly associated with us, young’uns. Of this, Christensen says, “I wanted to capture the generation of tomorrow, encouraging them to be themselves and letting their personalities shine.”

Admittedly, while donning these stylish pieces won’t promise to make us picture-perfect like Christensen, they may be just what we need when we aspire to simply be better people.


The Helena Christensen X H&M collection is available in all stores islandwide, as well as online.