Is Fashion Art? Moschino SS20’s Picasso-Inspired Looks Say Yes

Have you ever used the word ’literally’ without actually mean something literally? If so, then you’re probably not Jeremy Scott. To be honest, the fashion-as-art trope can feel played out and pretentious if we dare say it, but Moschino SS20 bold looks while hilarious, was an unexpectedly refreshing take on the subject.


Referencing Pablo Picasso and Spanish culture for inspiration behind this latest collection, Scott sent models down the Palazzo del Ghiaccio’s venue-turned-catwalk through larger than life baroque frames in dresses painted with brushstrokes and acrylic hues. Some Picasso masterpieces, such as Girl Before a Mirror are apparent in the adapted inspiration for painting-to-dress.


On a more serious note, Scott’s kitsch and campy designs can distract one from the social commentary often observed underlying with his runway presentations. One doll-faced model who emerged as a framed Cubist painting was Scott’s take on one’s inflated sense of self in the social media age.

The message to take away from Moschino SS20 in the era of fake news and Instagram-likes obsession, is to exercise introspectiveness on our consumption habits with social media content and how we perceive them. While others may focus on the dramatics and comical quality of Scott’s Moschino, reading deeper into all his subliminal messages is what makes his designs so disarmingly thought-provoking.


Explore the Moschino SS20 collection from late March in-stores or online now.