Kipling Brings Back 80s-Fun With This PAC-MAN Collection

80s pop culture is still trending these days, and we’re not about to forget it. Not when we’re seeing neon, baggy mom jeans, and tracksuits every time we scroll up. Will mullets make a comeback? Maybe, in due time. On to less questionable things though. This time, Kipling‘s right on trend with our obsessive 80s revival, now with their own take on the classic arcade gaming icon: PAC-MAN. Prepare to be a-mazed.

In fact, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the original PAC-MAN, developed by Mr. Toru Iwatani and his team in 1986 as a gender-neutral game that defied the war and sports-themed computer games of the era. The execution was beguiling simple, yet on hindsight, perfect — an uncomplicated piece of entertainment that catered to everyone, of all age groups, coupled with impactful graphics and a sunny yellow 8-bit character.

ART M, $249
L – R: ADRIA, $99 ; ZIO, $109

Acknowledging this enduring symbol, Kipling decides to run with PAC-MAN’s iconic motifs. The Kipling x PAC-MAN Collaboration Collection is meant to be used while on the move, and fuse the game’s cheery colours with functional updates to the crinkled nylon bags we all love.

Eat this up — shoulder bags, backpacks, and even a luggage that play around with the retro motifs.


The smaller DELIA COMPACT, ADRIA and ZIO crossbody styles feature that dizzying maze print as the backdrop, with Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde at the foreground (yes, the ghosts have names).

A larger DELIA backpack sees PAC-MAN himself, while the roomy ART M shoulder bag earns extra points with patches of PAC-MAN’s fruits. The detail even goes down to the brand’s famous monkey charm, now in a unique 2D pixelated shape to pay homage to PAC-MAN’s graphic origins.

You might be eyeing the CURIOSITY S luggage too. Once again, the digital maze print appears to coat the polycarbonate exterior, with a smart play on Kipling’s round logo, now in yellow and at the centre of the maze. To customise, there’s a silicone PAC-MAN luggage tag, as well as stickers and charms. Game on, we say.


Kipling x PAC-MAN Collaboration Collection, $99 to $339. Available at Kipling boutiques at The Jewel Changi Airport, Jem, ION Orchard, Vivo City and Bugis.