New Decade, New Me: These Are The 8 Trendy Hairstyles To Cop This 2020

2019 has been a rough year for many of us, and with the end of an era, we bid goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. As we ring in the new decade ahead, nothing beats celebrating a new you with a whole new mood board of style inspirations to try — well, more specifically, we’re referring to all the new hairstyles you never saw yourself in (think, pixie cuts, or even getting your mane bleached).

Whether you’re snipping off those dead ends or taking your tresses for a spin with a wash of colour — whatever the case is, these trendy cuts have paved their way into this year’s hottest trends and possibly, into the years to come. “New year, new me” remember?


Deepika Padukone (Photo Courtesy)

If you’re living up to your new year’s motto then chopping off a few inches would probably be the way to go. As seen on Deepika Padukone, the star’s new cut has stunned the crowd with her sleek and effortlessly chic ‘do — accompanied with an extra edge of trendy highlights for a look that’s classic and timeless.


Margot Robbie (Photo Courtesy)

Another trend that’s been growing in popularity more recently: Beachy Waves. Though it may have left its mark in 2018, beachy waves are back (and better). With a little touch of subtlety to the tousled look, this iconic hair trend has seen the likes of many celebrities including Margot Robbie on the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes 2020 Awards. To achieve this look, simply braid your hair while it’s damp, and leave it overnight, before spraying on Ouai’s Wave Spray to seal it all in.


Jennifer Lopez (Photo Courtesy)

We’ll admit it. Braids are a trend that will never go out of style — and who else does it better than the icon herself, J Lo. As seen on the red carpet over at the Golden Globes this 2020, Jennifer Lopez did her hair up in an intricate braided bun for a look that’s polished and sophisticated.


(Photo Courtesy)

If you’ve been pinning on a look that will turn heads while you go visiting this Chinese New Year, enter this bold red look that’s symbolic of the holiday itself. With a ‘do this bright, and a red cheongsam to pair, you’d be blessed with all the fortune and luck you need especially if you’re up for a few rounds of ban luck.


Zoë Kravitz (Photo Courtesy)

Prefer something that’s more avant-garde? Peep this daring look by Zoë Kravitz. With the temperatures heating things up here in Singapore, going short might possibly be the best way to go if you can’t deal with the sweltering heat. Unlike a pixie cut, cropped-cuts like Zoë’s have longer layers on the top, just like in her bangs — whereas pixies feature shorter layers throughout!


Brie Larson (Photo Courtesy)

Can’t bear to go that short? A collarbone-skimming trim might just be the only change you need this 2020. As seen on Brie Larson, the Captain Marvel hero trims off an inch or two for a universally flattering look that gives off a timeless appeal that we’re all eyeing on.


(Photo Courtesy)

We saw this coming — with the release of the second instalment of Frozen, we knew that an icy toned ‘do was going to be all the rage. And so it was — on Instagram to be exact. Many got into some icy realness by trying their hands (or shall we say hair) by going all-out with white and blue tones, that’s reminiscent of the much-loved character, Elsa, herself. Though winter might be already over for some, it seems we won’t be letting go of Elsa’s icy cold locks any time soon…


Zoey Deutch (Photo Courtesy)

Current obsession: Zoey Deutch’s upturned bob at the Golden Globes 2020 Awards. Besides her stunning outfit ensemble, Zoey puts the cherry on the cake with her look that takes a refreshing spin on your typical bob that’s sleek, retro and statement-making. We’re inspired to get a new cut for our next salon visit… Who’s in?