Of Mice And H&M: The CNY Collection Goes Big On Famous Mice

This CNY, we’re seeing red. Well, no surprise there, but we also should’ve anticipated the massive influx of pop culture mice across luxury, contemporary, and fast fashion brands. Because 2020 is officially the Year of the Rat — the start of the decade happens to coincide with the Chinese zodiac calendar — Disney collaborations abound, but H&M takes this a step further with nods to Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as Tom & Jerry, Mighty Mouse, and even the very underrated Itchy & Scratchy from The Simpsons.

Lovebirds and Chinese celebrities Zanilia Zhao and William Feng are seen all over the campaign images, lending their exuberant smiles to the season’s cheery tones and rich red hues. From denim to dresses, and lots and lots of comfy knits and sweaters because we’re landing right smack in winter (for seasonal countries at least), H&M has gathered over 100 fashionable pieces for you to up your ‘gram game. Here goes:


Heart eyes for heart motifs? If you’re being smart, these heart-shaped prints can double up for Valentine’s Day season too, while that adorable basket bag deserves to be carried all year round. The women’s pieces embody the sophistication yet playfulness of Minnie Mouse, so you’re looking at subtle hints of the character in the style of polka dots, or a scarf print you can loop around your hair or neck. While you’ll still spot lots of red, these can be paired with some smart checks so you won’t looking like walking red packet.



H&M’s younger DIVIDED line naturally sees more wacky colours and in-your-face references, and this time, Tom and Jerry have caused quite the commotion. Jeans, jumpers, caps, hoodies — the mischievous duo races around the vibrant collection that sees lots of warm reds and pops of orange, while silhouettes are skewed towards the oversized and comfortable.



You’ll notice a very apparent trend towards sweatshirts and long-sleeved tops this season, but hey, at least you can get your sweater collection in order. Downtown cool looks like a parade of mice across your chest, and from Mickey to Might Mouse to Jerry, they’re all vying for prime space in your wardrobe. Pair them with too-cool-for-you slacks, street-style cargo pants, or a smart set of checkered trousers to complete the look.



H&M 2020 Chinese New year collection, available from 2 January in all stores and online at hm.com.