Poh Heng’s Freestyle Collection: Where Hearts and Stars Align This Valentine’s

When thinking of the most romantic part of the human body, most people would debate between the eyes or lips. But we would dare argue that the hands are the ultimate love messengers – they bridge the gaps between our thoughts and actions, emphasise our emotions when it comes to expression, and they make up for everything we want someone to truly understand when we are lost for words.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate them with Poh Heng’s Freestyle collection by adding a sparkling flair to your hands and more when you spend romantic moments with your loved one. With Hearts and Stars as motifs for the jewellery pieces in their latest line-up, their modern styles imbue an understanding of your most intimate emotions realised in 22K gold.

As part of their extensive Freestyle range, Poh Heng reiterates that each relationship is significantly personal in this collection by allowing the intentionally whisper-thin pieces to be lovingly stacked and layered to your individual preference to define what’s truly yours.


Poh Heng Freestyle: Hearts and Stars Collection


In addition to the affectionate motifs in gold on these Poh Heng Freestyle pieces, geometric treatment over the surfaces on standouts enhances their lustre in the light, emphasising your role as the star in your lover’s eyes.

Curious on how to put together a delicate rings stack? Our top tip is to go bold by playing with a variety of textures with three or four rings on a single finger to make a statement. Also try juxtaposing a heavily stacked finger alongside bare ones, as the negative space created will focus more attention to the special pieces while also appearing naturally styled.



When layering necklaces, wearing two or three chains of similar lengths in different styles; a delicate chain with pendant, a charm-filled necklace, and an adjustable tassel necklace, would make for an interesting detail to your overall OOTD. Fret not if the pieces entangle, as they will add effortless charm to your appearance. For this, consider the Freestyle Heart Necklace that comes double-chained and can be unhooked for versatility when worn separately.



Playing with proportions with length by wearing a short necklace with a long one will make for a flattering arrangement highlighting your considered taste with elegant restraint. The dainty Freestyle Stars Long Necklace will work well here, especially with its movable gold silicone bead feature, allowing it to be adjustable when pairing with other necklaces.



Our favourite though would have to be the bedazzling Freestyle Stars Earrings – its minimalist design is an unexpected showstopper crafted completely in 22K gold and can be worn as a starry stud on its own or as a knock-out with its ear jacket. These Stars on their very own are a perfect alignment of all the pros that exemplify delicate jewellery.

More than just mere glitter to your jewellery box, these thoughtfully-crafted pieces serve the great message that love is something you can and should carry in precious amounts in your everyday.



And for lovers and loved ones who are thinking that their better halves are long overdue for a gift worthy of their weight in importance to you – this collection is all you really need. Explore and pick choice pieces with motifs that represent milestones in your relationship, and your carefully curated gift of precious jewellery will set the standard for a love story to remember.


The Poh Heng Freestyle Heart and Stars Collection is now available in-stores islandwide. For more information, visit their website or any Poh Heng stores.