Sustainability Gets Sexy With MCM’s Eco-Friendly Underwear Collection

Today, with the deluge of WWIII memes flooding our social media feeds following the bombings in Iran, MCM is giving us reason to make love and not war. The MCM Underwear, Lounge, & Sleepwear collection launching this January underlines the brand’s dedication to sustainability by producing the pieces completely in ethnical biodynamic Egyptian Giza cotton and used throughout the collection. The material happens to employ more ethical farming practices than conventional cotton as well, and the label’s use of this marks the first time it’s being used in a luxury underwear collection. MCM is testament that eco practices are never a compromising factor for luxury’s superior quality.



Once seen as a forgettable part of our contemporary wardrobe, the underwear in modern days is now a vital standalone tool that defines individuals, especially in an era where personal branding as never been paid so much emphasis. Celebrating the label’s bold identity with bright colours and its iconic Milano logo in the assortment, they will make for instantly recognisable pieces when worn as part of the everyday wardrobe.



Available for both men and women, the accompanying campaign draws focus on the label’s mission for us to embrace love and inclusivity at a point in time where the world is seemingly divided. So if being kind has always been a part of your personal identity then you’re in luck — because MCM is paving the way to make it more in vogue now than ever.


The MCM Underwear, Lounge & Sleepwear collection will be available in MCM stores worldwide and online from January 2020.