THE BODY SHOP Redefines Anti-Ageing With Their Latest #AgeStrong Campaign

Does my skin look older? What about my value, and does it decrease as I age? Our looks and sense of self-worth are so closely tied; and while society may make us question these things, we all know that deep down, we’re better than that.

Let’s be real; we’re still a little uncomfortable with getting older, and might lament the changes that come with it — grey hairs, fine lines and wrinkles, for instance. Yet, there’s nothing wrong with those things. Instead, there’s been steady progress towards the idea of pro-ageing, which emphasises being satisfied with your own age, and therefore ditching the whole “anti-ageing” concept and its negative connotations. Terms such as “age-defying” and “slow-ageing” are more common now, in line with promoting the idea of ageing gracefully.

Case in point: THE BODY SHOP‘s latest #AgeStrong campaign. With more talk about positive ageing, they’re now promoting the concept of ageing strong and confidently in our own skin — alongside Eunice Olsen, who’s also a local actress-host, activist, and a big advocate on women empowerment and sustainability at the age of 42!

Local actress-host, and activist, Eunice Olsen, for THE BODY SHOP

THE BODY SHOP’s Drops of Youth™ collection is definitely one worth considering if you’re all about ageing gracefully and if you’re on the lookout for a beauty routine that’s simple and timeless. As part of their relaunch, there are also new formulations to some of their iconic products. The Drops of Youth™ Concentrate, for example, now sees a new upgrade in its formula that focuses on protection against environmental pollution.

We also sat down with Eunice to find out more about what she liked about the collection and her thoughts on pro-ageing.


One thing that I think is very cool is that with this campaign, we’re trying to influence the way people look at ageing — that the word ‘anti-‘ should not be next to ageing because it reinforces the stereotype about ageing. So “anti” and “ageing” shouldn’t go together — we should celebrate ageing, or embrace ageing, because why should it be a negative thing?” — Eunice Olsen


Though it might be an existing collection, the Drops of Youth™ range still finds its way to the shelves of many and for good reason. In terms of its formulation, most of their products have been known to be formulated with botanical ingredients. For instance, their Drops of Youth™ Concentrate that comes with 99% ingredients of natural origin. On top of that, their products also come with a lightweight texture that absorbs quickly and doesn’t weigh down on your skin.


In their collection, you’ll find other products such as their Drops of Youth™ Eye Concentrate, Bouncy Sleeping Mask, Youth Essence Lotion, Youth Cream, Youth Liquid Peel, Youth Bouncy Eye Mask, Youth Gentle Foam Wash and Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask.


“For the past four months, I’ve been going around shooting a lot in China. It was scorching hot in China, from 28 to 30 degrees, and even other parts of China where I experienced sub-zero temperatures. I wanted to use the range to see how it fared when you’re in a certain place and using a new product. So it really helped, using the range every day, especially because I’m using a lot of makeup and it never gave me any problems.” — Eunice Olsen


“I think so far the products that I really have been using a lot have to be the Youth Gentle Foam Wash and Concentrate. I use the Drops of Youth™ Concentrate twice a day — and it wasn’t clumpy or difficult to wear. It also never reacted badly in extreme temperatures! As for the Gentle Foam Wash, I think it’s really good because it really washes off the impurities and makeup that’s left on my skin as well.” — Eunice Olsen



One thing we can’t live without: cleansers. Though it might be a little tricky to find one that doesn’t strip the oils from your skin, THE BODY SHOP’s Youth Gentle Foam Wash is as gentle as it gets. Formulated with plant stem cells, the formula is said to cleanse the skin without drying it out — leaving it smoother, softer and a lot more renewed.

The Gentle Foam Wash is designed to be slathered onto dry skin and rinsed off with water. With its foamy texture, the foam wash makes it easier to remove dirt and impurities effectively from your skin. The best part — it’s delightfully smooth and luscious upon application. We’re hooked!

THE BODY SHOP’s Drops of Youth™ Youth Gentle Foam Wash, $27. Available at THE BODY SHOP stores and on LazMall.


We’ve all heard about the importance of suncare, but what about the other environmental aggressors that are affecting our skin? In fact, indoor pollution has also been said to be five times more concentrated than outdoor pollution — so if you haven’t been giving your skin the protection it deserves, look over to THE BODY SHOP’s iconic and newly reformulated Drops of Youth™ Concentrate.

Now, reinforced with environmental protection the Concentrate is said to prevent the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution on the skin. Still enriched with 99% ingredients of natural origin and still the hydrating, lightweight gel-like texture you love – now with increased natural antioxidants and Community Trade moringa seed oil from Rwanda. 

THE BODY SHOP Drops Of Youth™ Concentrate, $60. Available at THE BODY SHOP stores and on LazMall.


When it comes to skincare routines, most of us like to keep things a little more minimal — and so for the last step in this regime, find a moisturiser like THE BODY SHOP’s Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream. Enriched with Community Trade moringa seed oil from Rwanda the Cream restores moisture in your skin while keeping it feeling smoother and more supple than before.

Unlike your usual moisturisers, the Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream comes with a velvety air-whipped moisturising texture that smooths on seamlessly without it feeling too heavy on the skin. Besides it leaving a youthful-looking bounce on your skin, the cream also absorbs quickly and leaves a nice dewy finish.

THE BODY SHOP Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream, $53. Available at THE BODY SHOP stores and on LazMall.

So if you’re looking to switch up your routine to one that suits your current, gracefully older, lifestyle, then you might want to get acquainted with these hero products from the Drops of Youth™ collection.


This January and February 2020, THE BODY SHOP Singapore will donate $1 for every bottle of Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate* sold to support Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) in helping underprivileged women on their back-to-work journeys to build financially independent and resilient families. *Includes both 30ml & 50ml bottles

From now till  29 Feb, bring any of your serum bottles to THE BODY SHOP stores and receive a Drops of Youth™ Sheet Mask and Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate deluxe sample for free when you purchase any Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate in-store.

The Drops of Youth™ range is available at all THE BODY SHOP stores and on LazMall.