These Classy BABY-G Timepieces Go Perfect With Any Stylish Wardrobe

Hands up if you’ve owned a BABY-G watch. If you’re a tried-and-true millennial who grew up in the best years of the 90s, we’re willing to bet that you’ve at least envied your friend for owning our generation’s most well-known “tough” digital watches. You know, that translucent resin material, the funky colours, the pipe-like protector that protects your sporty watch against external shock. Some hard truth coming to you now: that look’s now considered retro. It might be time to evaluate your life choices.

But hey, you don’t need to look that far. You see, the BABY-G brand has done some growing up too, and are embracing new styles that go hand in hand with a stylish, sophisticated wardrobe. No baggy torn jeans here, these are classy enough for even the workplace, and really, everything from to coffee dates to evening affairs.

Casio BABY-G G-MS series.

Here’s what we do know. The Casio brand have always been wrist-takers, very evidently so since the day they came up with the first shock-resistant series of G-SHOCK and BABY-G watches, along with a myriad of colours and designs so we get to flaunt our personalities without being oh-so-precious about our timepieces. For the G-MS line-up, they’re a moving towards sleek designs for the modern women. You’ll notice tasteful details such as solid metal cases and bezels that are made compact and thin, or colours such as rose gold featuring prominently throughout.


And then, the things you might not know. Attention to detail that sees forge-drawn metal pressed under high pressure to form a solid, but resistant dial; an LED light function, even for an analog piece, so you won’t have to squint in the dark; and solar-charging that converts the sun and even fluorescent lighting into sources of power. All these make for a functional piece that’s hard to beat.

Ahead, a lookbook where we’ve asked models and personalities Iman Fandi, Fiona Fussi, and Keyana K to drop by the NYLON office to show us how they’d style the BABY-G watch.


MODELs,  IMAN FANDI ahmad (@IMANFANDI17), FIONA FUSSI (@fionafussi) and keyana k (@heykeyana).



Iman Fandi

Model and social media darling Iman’s sweet personality shines through in this rose gold piece. Although most of what you’ll see on her IG feed tends to be more dressy and spunky — she can pull of neon, zebra print, sequins, anything! — on days off, she embraces the unfussy style of the ‘off-duty model’ look. Here, the soft peach top and similarly-toned accessories accentuate the rosy hues of the timepiece. You can even throw on a leather jacket for a low-key rockstar appeal. Just like how Iman can be girly, feminine, and then badass all at once, we think this bracelet watch is versatile enough to be dressed up or down.

Casio BABY-G — MSG-S200DG-4A, $329


Fiona Fussi

Effortless. Fiona makes everything she wears, or any project she’s in, look like a breeze, so it’s no wonder she carries off this classy number with equal ease. Since we first featured Fiona on the cover of our second-ever issue back in 2012, her star has been rising up and up — she’s even gone beyond modelling (for big-name brands, mind you!), to acting, and even singing. BABY-G’s watch, now in a beige band and pink gold case exudes femininity, and is a nice subtle piece to compliment her denim-on-denim outfit.

Casio BABY-G — MSG-S200G-4A, $259


Keyana K

Mark our words: this girl’s one to watch. Keyana stands out from the cookie-cutter scene of influencers — and even models — with her unique Afro-Chinese looks and edgy street vibe. So we wondered how she’d rock this black-on-black BABY-G watch. True to her style, she injects some youthful oomph to her accessory, pairing it with a black crop top and those leopard-print pants. Sure, you can just as easily wear this to a formal event, but we like her take on casual street style just as much.

Casio BABY-G — MSG-S200G-5A, $259


BABY-G watches, $259 – $329, available at G-FACTORY stores.