TILY Tea: Traditional Flavours With A Floral Twist

There’s never a bad time for tea. Whether you need a pick-me-up in the morning, heading to bed at night or just trying to get through the day, there’s always time for tea. How swell would it be if there were specific teas to meet our specific needs? Well, wait til you hear about this!


So, what’s the tea on TILY TEA?

Founded by Singaporeans Michelle Koh and Geraldine Koh, the local brand has incorporated Traditional Chinese Medicine and fragrant florals, creating a range of tonic teas suitable for the modern palate.

At first glance, TILY TEA’s packaging looks demure, clean and feminine. Reminiscent of floral detailing often found on porcelain teacups, there’s almost no indication of the Traditional Chinese roots these teas bear. A unique blend of Asian and Western influences, these teas combine traditional Chinese herbal roots with naturally sweet fruit and aromatic florals.



TILY TEA takes pride in their fragrant concoctions that are made up of 100% natural ingredients, without added sugars, artificial flavours, preservatives or caffeine. We tried four variants of tea — Morning Shine, Through The Day, Evening Calm and Deep Cleanse, all of which have ingredients that target specific needs.

Morning Shine


Ingredients: Ginseng, Ginger, Red Dates, Forget-Me-Not, Osmanthus

Benefits: Antioxidising, brain power, energy boost, skin & hair

Start your day with a refreshing, sweet-and-spicy blend of herbs and flowers. With the incorporation of ginseng and ginger, this is one tea that will definitely perk you up to start your day right. These natural energy boosters give off a spicy kick, which strangely complements the natural sweetness of the red dates, osmanthus and forget-me-not.

Through The Day



Ingredients: Astragalus, Codonopsis, Red Dates, Goji Berries, Snow Chrysanthemum, Marigold

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, immunity boost, liver support, digestive aid

If you’re stuck at a desk all day, this aptly named tea might just make your day (and health) a little better. Filled with ingredients that can be found in traditional Chinese soups, such as the recognisable blend of red dates and goji berries, this combination of herbs and flowers improves your overall bodily health. With your liver working so hard to remove toxins on a daily basis, a little support is always useful — as your liver health improves, you might see a significant improvement in your skin as well! Anyone could use the health benefits that come with this blend.

Evening Calm



Ingredients: Red Dates, Goji berries, Longan, Lavender, Chamomile

Benefits: Stress relief, sleep enhancer, blood circulation, digestive aid

Doesn’t a cup of hot tea sound like the perfect way to end the day? While lavender seems like an obvious choice before bed, the longan literally adds a little sweetness to the brew. The combination of longan and red dates improves your blood circulation while you sleep, which helps to improve your chances of getting a good night’s rest. One cup of this before bed, and your body will thank you in the morning.

Deep Cleanse



Ingredients: Burdock root, red dates, rose, apple flower, peach flower

Benefits: Skin & hair, weight control, PMS, detox

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all heard of some kind of tea that promises to help us lose weight, detox and so on. We also often have no clue on what goes into those teabags. With Tily’s Deep Cleanse, we can clearly see the all-natural ingredients that go into the brew — there’s no need to worry about any extra additives. Specially made for ladies, this floral combination has properties that will add shine to your skin and hair. Burdock root is also particularly known for its detoxing properties, purifying your blood and improving overall health. Do take note that the brew has been formulated to gently stimulate your gut and bowels, so keep an eye on the clock when you decide to pour yourself a cup!


Available at Tangs Orchard and online, at $16.90 per box for a one-time purchase, or $15.21 per box with a monthly subscription. You can also find Tily Tea at the Chinese New Year Fair at Takashimaya S.C., Basement Two Atrium.