10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single And Loving It

You know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner when you come face-to-face with reminders everywhere you turn. While most dinners and events would be normally targeted at couples, there’s no reason why those who are single can’t celebrate the day as they please. From taking in the picturesque sights of Singapore to having a ball of a time at a drag show, here are 10 fun activities to treat yourself with this V-Day!

1.  Party Up with Your Very Own Bottle of Gin

Image credit: Brass Lion Distillery

If you’re someone who enjoys their share of wines and spirits, how would you like to pick up a skill in making Gin? At Brass Lion Distillery’s Gin School, you and your fellow budding distillers will be taken on an immersive gin experience where you’ll pick up the ins and outs of distilling your well-balanced spirit based off your preferred flavour profile. Classes are $198 per student and run every Sunday at 2pm. After each session, you’ll even get to bottle and personalise your creation to take home!

Opening Hours:
5pm to 12mn (Tuesday to Friday)
2pm to 12mn (Saturday)
2pm to 7pm (Sunday)
CLOSED (Monday)

Brass Lion Distillery is located at 40 Alexandra Terrace, Singapore 119933. You can click here to reserve a slot, or click here for more information.

2.  Enjoy Quiet Time with a Book

Image credit: The Lo and Behold Group

Do you have a book that you’ve been meaning to finish? Unlike the run-of-the-mill cafes, Looksee Looksee brands itself as a reading room and tea salon where you can unwind with a cup of tea while you finish up those chapters free from distraction. A unique feature of this place is that you don’t have to necessarily buy a drink to get a seat. Looksee Looksee runs on a gratuity business model, which means that you are basically free to tip whatever amount you see fit.

Opening Hours:
11am to 5pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)
CLOSED (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Looksee Looksee is located at 267 Beach Road, Level 1, Singapore 199545. You can click here for more information.

3.  Have a Peaceful Moment with Yourself

Image credit: Palm Ave Float Club

While we cannot guarantee that you will experience an Eleven (from Stranger Things) type experience, we are pretty sure of the great mind and body benefits that you can get from your own version of sensory deprivation over at Palm Ave Float Club. Aimed at resetting your mind and body, floating in your own pod for 60 minutes ($90) or 90 minutes ($110) helps you to enter a deep meditative state which allows your mind to break free from distraction, and your body free from gravity. Plus, soaking in Epsom salt would rapidly replenish your magnesium and sulfate levels which means total muscle relaxation and flushing of toxins from your body for an improved well-being.

Opening Hours:
10am to 10pm (Monday, Wednesday to Sunday)
4pm to 10pm (Tuesday)

Palm Ave Float Club is located at 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 5, Singapore 338987. You can click here to make an appointment, or click here for more information.

4.  Be a Part of a Drag Show

Image credit: Lulu’s Lounge

Who cares if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day when you’ve got the company of vivacious drag queens? No longer considered underground entertainment, drag shows have become one of the best forms of Singapore’s nightlife where queens serve up gorgeous looks, sickening dance moves and lip-sync to familiar hits that you can sing along to. One that you should attend is Cafe Bizarre (hosted by our August 2019 cover girl, Becca D’Bus) over at Lulu’s Lounge where you’ll experience an unforgettable night of drinking, dancing, burlesque, boylesque, and other strange delights!

Opening Hours:
8pm to 3am (Wednesday aka Ladies’ Night)
9pm to 2am (Thursday aka Latin Band night)
9pm to 5am (Friday)
9pm to 5am (Saturday aka Cafe Bizarre)

Lulu’s Lounge is located at Pan Pacific Hotel (Marina), 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595. You can make a reservation here, or click here for more

5.  Strap on Some Knee Pads and Go Solo Skating

Image credit: Hi Roller

Relive yesteryears of your parents’ era with a pair of cute roller skates at Hi Roller. Unlike the ordinary inline skates that you see quite often, roller skates are commonly used in indoor tracks and are built in a two-by-two configuration, which provides more stability. The skating arena at Hi Roller offers a fun environment accompanied by electro-dance music and softly-cushioned floors that guarantee you leave unscathed after your session. You can choose from a 2-hour session pass ($12 excluding $5 rental fee for skates), or a full-day session pass ($40 inclusive of the rental fee for skates).

Opening Hours:
11am to 9pm (Daily)

Hi Roller is located at Market Square @ Downtown East, E!Hub Level 5, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Singapore 519599. You can click here for more information.

6.  Spread the Love as a Volunteer

Image credit: Causes for Animals

There’s nothing like showing affection towards animals that reciprocate them ten-fold, especially on a special day like Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to give back in your own way, consider volunteering at non-profit animal rescue shelters who mostly rely on volunteer assistance to carry out care for their animals. Volunteer tasks include feeding the animals, cleaning their living areas, and showing them some TLC.

You can volunteer at these animal shelters:

❤️ Animal Lovers League
❤️ Action for Singapore Dogs
❤️ Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS)
❤️ Causes for Animals Singapore
❤️ Noah’s Ark Cares
❤️ SoSD Singapore

7.  Have Fun Doing a Solo Water Sport

Image credit: Ola Beach Club

Forget those monotonous forms of water exercise and try your hand at Stand-Up Paddling. Having grown in popularity over the years, Stand-Up Paddling is easy to pick up and even encourages head-to-toe exercise especially when you have to learn how to balance on the board. The best part about this solo activity is that it allows you to embrace the water space at your own pace, giving you time to truly unwind in the outdoors.

You can pick up Stand Up Paddling at these locations:

❤️ The Stand Up Paddling School
❤️ Aloha Sea Sports
❤️ Ola Beach Club

8.  Expand Your Appreciation for Singapore’s Arts & Culture

Image credit: National Museum Singapore

If you’re looking for an activity that would benefit you knowledge-wise, spend the day museum-hopping, which will take you to some of Singapore’s museums which you might have not heard about. Enter cultural spaces and explore the lesser-known aspects of Singapore’s multicultural heritage with stories of our pioneers, precincts, and national treasures. Coupled with free admission for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, it is a cost-free way to step away from your busy schedule and feed your curious mind.

You can visit these locations for free:

❤️ Air Force Museum
❤️ Asian Civilisations Museum
❤️ Former Ford Factory
❤️ Indian Heritage Centre
❤️ Malay Heritage Centre
❤️ National Gallery Singapore
❤️ National Museum of Singapore
❤️ NUS Museum
❤️ Singapore Discovery Centre
❤️ Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

9.  Experience What Nature Has to Offer

Image credit: National Parks Singapore

One of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle is to head outdoors and go for a hike. While Singapore may not have the most ideal weather, hiking gives you an opportunity to enjoy fresh air that you don’t often get from the city centre. Plus, it’s always an added bonus when you can create envious content (using the scenic view) for your Instagram feed!

You can visit these locations for free:

❤️ Bukit Batok Nature Park
❤️ Dairy Farm Nature Park
❤️ Kranji Marshes
❤️ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
❤️ The Southern Ridges

10.  Just Treat Yourself

Image credit: Auriga Spa

Perhaps the best way to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day is to pamper your mind and body with a nice relaxing curated spa package that will guide you into a world of healing and relaxation. As the first spa in Singapore to receive a five-star status from Forbes Travel Guide (for seven consecutive years), Auriga Spa is home to a variety of spa retreats and signature treatments which includes their Stress Recovery Journey ($558) that comprises of a wellness class (Yoga, Meditation, or Personal Training); Sicilian Lemon, Seaweed and Eucalyptus Body Scrub; Deep and Relaxing Body Massage; Soothing Scalp Massage; Sea Salt Bath; and a Healthy Meal at The Knolls.

Opening Hours:
10am to 10pm (Daily)

Auriga Spa is located at Capella Singapore, 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297. You can click here for more information.



Featured image credit: Palm Ave Float Club, OSCAS, and Auriga Spa