Hand Sanitisers We Love and are Actually Available and In Stock Online!

With the current viral situation, it appears that our nation has run out of hand sanitisers. Don’t panic. Check out our list of online finds. Bonus: you don’t need to leave the house to get your hands on these.

Also remember, WASHING HANDS is the best way to actually clean your hands! Hand sanitisers are just convenient tools to use when a sink isn’t available. (Or when you’ve exited the toilet after washing your hands and had to touch the door handle to go out. 🙄)

MOST STYLISH: Grown Alchemist Hydra-Hand Sanitiser
AU$20 (50ml), from grownalchemist.com

This Australian brand claims to use only natural and organic formulas with no harmful chemicals. This hand sanitiser has 70% alcohol content that is extracted from natural Cane Sugars, and the addition of Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic acid) to hydrate and ensure skin doesn’t dry out.

Last I checked, this product is still in stock and can be ordered directly from their website and shipped to Singapore. I ordered two bottles on 8 Feb and received them three days later on 11 Feb. I paid shipping fees of AU$15, but discovered from playing around with the order summary that it’s free shipping when I buy four bottles or more. Also, for some reason, their credit card payment system kept declining my card, but PayPal with the same card worked out instead.

MOST LUXURIOUS: Byredo Vetyver Rinse-Free Hand Wash
$40 (30ml), sold out on escentials.com
$52.40 (30ml), from bergdorfgoodman.com (international shipping at $36.60)

This item is pricey and sold out at its official distributor in Singapore, but if you can get your hands on this, it is divine. This milky gel slathers on smooth like a cream, and envelopes hands in a silky balm and an addictive smell. It’s a fresh, clean, warm and woody scent that will have you sniffing at your fingers long after you’ve applied it.

There are four other scents in the rinse-free hand wash range (unfortunately all sold out at Escentials), but you can add yourself to their mailing list to be notified once it comes back in stock. According to the store, the Rose and Tulipmania variants will be restocked mid-March 2020.

Alternatively, if money is not an issue, you can buy it from Bergdorf Goodman at a grand price of $89 including international shipping.

FAMOUS FOR KILLING GERMS: Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
US$23.95 (29.56ml) for pack of 3, from Amazon.com

I first heard about “Thieves” oil from a friend who told me that she uses it on her kids at the first signs of flu, and it apparently kills germs and helps them recover faster. The famous blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils is inspired by the legend of French grave robbers who would use these oils to ward off diseases when they went about robbing the dead. This is the portable hand sanitiser version of the original essential oil, and like the oil, it is sold out on Young Living‘s webstore. But you can find it in abundance on Amazon and other online retailers out of Singapore. If the retailer doesn’t ship to Singapore, you can consider services like vPost (although this is part of SingPost who I have very little confidence in — that’s a story for another day).

VALUE FOR MONEY: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer
$7.90 (59ml), sold out at Watsons
US$12.97 for a 2-pack, from Amazon.com

I love everything from Dr. Bronner, including the reasonable prices at Watsons. We received a bottle of this hand sanitiser when the brand first launched in Singapore last year, and I’ve been using it for myself and the kids ever since. This formula includes 62% Organic Ethyl Alcohol to disinfect, and Organic Glycerin and Organic Lavender Oil, which smells great! You can use this to spray pretty much anything; your phone screen, sticky fingers, toilet seats, and even the air around you.

Yes yes, I know it’s sold out at Watsons (I would be surprised if it wasn’t), and you’re going to have a tough time finding a certified online retailer to ship this to Singapore (it seems that Watsons has the exclusive distribution rights to this brand in Singapore, so other stores can’t send it to us). But a nice workaround would be to buy it cheap on Amazon (cheaper than Watsons!), and ship it to a friend in the US to send to Singapore. Troublesome but worth it.

FOR BABIES: Babyganics Alcohol-free Foaming Hand Sanitizer
$26.67 (50ml) for pack of 3, from Amazon.sg
$37.90 for refill set, from Amazon.sg

Whenever I whip this out of my bag, everyone asks me what it is and where to buy it. This is particular great for kids and small ones because it’s alcohol-free and has a foam texture that’s easy to spread and evaporates quickly leaving hands dry in a very short amount of time. The main ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride, which is antibacterial. While there have been some negative reports on this compound, it’s good to note that the concentration in this hand sanitiser is 0.1% (the safe range being 0.1-0.2%), and aqueous solutions of it are not absorbed through the skin.

There’s a larger 250ml bottle (the refill set is back in stock March 5, 2020) that we keep in the centre of the office for everyone to use; and a 50ml travel-sized version (back in stock March 1, 2020) that I pop in the bag on days out with the kids. Add to cart now.

FOR THE KIDS: KINIA Kids Travel-Sized Hand Sanitizer Bottles
$22.40 from Amazon.sg, with free international delivery with no minimum spend for Prime members

This is a set of 8 portable and reusable flip cap 30ml bottles. There are four adorable designs: Dinosaur, Mermaid/Pirate, Mixed (fruits and emojis), and Unicorns. I bought the unicorns, of course. These clip easily around kids’ backpacks and make better party favours than noisy party horns. Note that they come empty and are meant to be filled with your own hand sanitiser. Wikihow has two recipes on making hand sanitiser with either alcohol or witch hazel. The NYLON team will get to that once these ingredients actually get back in stock in Singapore.