If there’s one skincare item to buy today, make it this

If you’re not familiar with CHANEL’s line of skincare called SUBLIMAGE, it’s their luxury range with prices in the hundreds of dollars. Considering it’s out of most of our budgets, SUBLIMAGE is probably not the first beauty product I’d suggest if someone asked me for recommendations… until these landed on my Editor’s desk earlier this month.

Today, two new products from SUBLIMAGE launch at the CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty boutiques: the SUBLIMAGE La Crème Lumière (a cream), and La Lotion Lumière Exfoliante (a lotion).

Above: CHANEL Sublimage La Crème Lumière and La Lotion Lumière Exfoliante

Now the cream, I would expect it to be amazing; that is, moisturise and hydrate skin as any good cream would, but with an exquisite experience with its pampering texture and scent. It is, after all, close to $600 (it retails at $594 for 50g).

The lotion, on the other hand, was a complete surprise! It has a watery texture that I drip into the palm of my hand, and pat onto my face (you can use a cotton pad). It absorbs immediately and the surface of my skin feels and looks refreshed. The real difference came after just three days of using this morning and night; my complexion appeared brighter, more radiant, the texture was smoother, and my pores were more refined. This was the only change in my skincare regime that week, and it’s now been three weeks of using this lotion, and my skin is in a really good state — better than before. I’ve had no breakouts and my skin is clear.

So what’s in this lotion that makes it so special? There’s the SUBLIMAGE hero ingredient: Vanilla Planifolia that is a strong and natural antioxidant; white birch water that is inflammatory and intensely hydrating; L-arginine, also an antioxidant; and AHAs that gently exfoliate the skin to stimulate the production of new cells, so over time, skin gets fresher, smoother and has better quality.

The product claims, “Day after day, skin texture is refined. Dark spots are diminished and the complexion lights up, becoming more translucent.” And all this actually happened to my skin over the past few weeks! After I finish this bottle, I will get a second. I would save up, and forego other beauty impulse purchases to get this one item because it is that good. Don’t think of it as getting a lotion for $195; think of it as getting SUBLIMAGE and its benefits for $195, which is actually ok considering the serum goes for $750. This lotion is as affordable as CHANEL SUBLIMAGE skincare is going to get — and again, it is that good.

CHANEL SUBLIMAGE La Lotion Lumière Exfoliante, $195 (125ml). Available now at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutiques, and from 6 March 2020 at all CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty counters.