Just You Wait — Hamilton The Musical is Set to Hit Theatres Next Year

Ask any theatre geek and they would tell you that getting tickets to watch Hamilton is an impossible feat. Since its debut, the Tony Award-winning musical has been the hottest show on Broadway with fans eagerly awaiting their shot to get the tickets. But now, there’s no need to wait any longer. In addition to the hype around the upcoming film adaption of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights, theatre-goers, and fans of the musical maestro have more cause to rejoice as Hamilton the Musical is set to hit the big screens to blow us all away!

Photo credit: Joan Marcus

For the uninitiated, Hamilton was created by lyrical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda who was inspired to tell the story of one of America’s lesser-known founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, after reading the 2004 biography written by Ron Chernow. After performing a raw version of the musical’s opening number for President Obama in 2009, the full-length hip-hop musical came to fruition in 2015, becoming a worldwide phenomenon that gave the once-disgraced Treasury Secretary the fame and legacy he deserved.

Unlike its predecessors of the musical genre, the forthcoming film isn’t actually a film adaptation of the stage performance but rather a recording of the actual performance, with the original Broadway cast that includes Lin-Manuel Miranda himself as Alexander Hamilton.

Photo credit: Joan Marcus

The entire performance was shot in June 2016 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre during Lin-Manuel’s run as the titular character where the cameras didn’t go unnoticed by theatre-goers. Bombarded by tweets, Lin-Manuel took to his Twitter to address the existence of the footage and since they didn’t have any intention to make it public, he suggested it be ‘locked away in a vault at Gringotts’ for safekeeping.

Now, with Disney on their side, Hamilton the Musical is set to be released as a feature film in the US and Canada on October 15, 2021 (with possible global dates to follow later). Though the experience may be slightly different from actually being in the room where it happens, this new form of live theatrical experience will still guarantee that you get the best seat in the house to enjoy the best elements of live theatre and film.



Featured image credit: The New York Times