New Emojis to Better Express Your 2020

Since the creation of emojis, texting has evolved into one that brings out our personalities while giving us a convenient way to get our message across. This year, get ready for a whole new set of emojis (117 in total) in Emoji 13.0 that have been approved and will be making their appearance on your smartphones this year.

From a bubble tea to a pinched finger gesture, here’s a closer look at 6 new emojis that we can’t wait to use.


As with all new emoji releases, the appearance of each emoji will vary depending on the platform that you utilise. These glossy style emojis just illustrates how the original designs will look when implemented on major platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, as well as iOS and Android.


List of emojis to come in 2020 (Image credit: Emojipedia)

While you may be excited to start using these emojis, they will unfortunately only be available in software updates on major operating systems around the second half of 2020 with a possible beta version for Android in August, and a slated release for iOS and macOS in October or November.

Until then, we will just have to express our love for bubble tea in its full-text form. 😢😭😢