adidas Reimagines Sportswear Staples With Its Latest Athletics Collection

With the rise of the athleisure trend, sportswear brands are moving towards giving new meaning to their range of apparel. What you get is a nice in-between, stylish threads, with the technical know-how. So is it any surprise then, that we see this innovation in adidas’ latest Athletics Collection.

This season, the brand draws inspiration from the sports cultures of countries across the globe, so you’ll definitely find familiar and fresh silhouettes here. These boast designs that are functional, versatile, yet stylish — appealing to those who seek distinctive looks with an everyday appeal.

Personally I enjoy wearing sportswear for the same reason why you’d see people on the streets donning their tights wherever they go. It’s comfortable, breathable and it’s stylish (well, for the most of it), but compare it to what you’d usually wear on a daily basis, say a tight skirt or that thick uncomfortable shirt that you find yourself wearing oh-so-often, only because it’s branded — you’d understand our plight when it comes to finding clothes that offer both comfort and style.

Of course, for someone who spends at least a quarter of her week at the gym, I was thrilled when adidas dropped their Athletics Collection because that would only mean that I could save my time and effort planning out my outfits for the rest of the week — I mean to go through the hassle of planning multiple outfits instead of just having one? Yeah, no thanks.

So when it arrived at the office, I was quick to try them on to have a look and feel of how it would look like on an Asian. Only saying this because, in reference to the images from the campaign, I wasn’t certain of how some of the pieces would look like on someone of the same build as I am.

But before we dive into the fit and my take on the collection, let’s hit pause for a bit and take a closer look at the full range of the Athletics Collection.


Now that you’re well-acquainted with the collection, here, we’re sharing more about what we thought about the pieces.


Incorporating a versatile shade like Legacy Green, the VRCT Woven Jacket from the Athletics Collection pairs well with the Woven Pants making it a co-ord that’s best worn on its own or even separately with the other pieces. What’s unique about the jacket is that it comes embroidered with a monochrome tiger graphic on the back that gives the look a bit of an edge. Besides it being super lightweight, the jacket also comes with a soft, shiny fabric with mesh lining which makes it not too thick and is perfect for Singapore’s weather.

As for the pants, I would recommend you sizing down because it has a rather loose fit to it — so if you’re an ‘M’, try sizing down to an ‘S’ or even an ‘XS’ for a better fit.

2. WOVEN PANTS, $100


To add a pop of colour to your palette, peep the adidas Woven Jacket. This bold red piece is updated with a fresh perspective — where its patch on the chest is removable — adding a unique touch to your traditional classic college jackets. To add on, it also comes with a ribbed stand-up bomber collar which spruces up your look. Pair it with any outfit for a touch of class.

Aside from the jacket, the 3-Stripes Dress as seen above, is also a new addition to the collection. In my opinion, I would say that this wouldn’t exactly be a piece that I would reach out for and it’s only because of its silhouette. Though I really like the brand’s 3 iconic stripes running down the sleeves, the silhouette of the dress may come as unflattering to some, including me. It was a little too flared for my liking and I found that there was too much fabric at the bottom which makes it look a little heavy, especially without movement. Skater dresses were a thing back in the day but I’m not too sure if it’s one that’s worth bringing back from the past. My take: I think the dress is something that isn’t much of a capsule piece and would’ve been better if it came as a bodycon or even a maxi.

1. VRCT Jacket, $150
2. 3-Stripes Dress, $100


Next up on our radar: the adidas Light Woven Long Jacket. An everyday essential, this capsule piece has its own unique set of features which allows it to be cinched on the waist and comes with cuffs that can be adjusted to tailor one’s look. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, what I like most about this jacket is that it could also double up as a raincoat and it isn’t that thick so it’s wearable in Singapore’s heat.

The collection also features a Gathered Hoodie in Purple that I find myself wearing everyday too. Reason being: it keeps my look effortlessly chic and it’s very comfortable because it isn’t too thick or too thin, keeping me warm in the office or even at the gym. Adding on to its design, the jacket also has a unique crop cut, which slopes and gathers at the back for a flattering touch to its silhouette.

Lastly, I also put the Allover Graphic 7/8 Tights from the collection to a stretch test — and unsurprisingly, it lived up to my expectations. Besides it being hella comfy, the tights were really stretchy and were really comfortable to workout in — I didn’t even have to pull up my tights during my workout. But in terms of its design, it gave a three-dimensional sheen to my look which I found added a touch of pizzaz to my outfit. The only downside: it’s a little loose on the waist, so I’d recommend trying the different sizes before purchasing it in case you need to size down on the tights.

1. Light Woven Long Jacket, $190
2. Allover Graphic 7/8 Tights, $85
3. Gathered Hoodie, $150
4. Must Haves Strappy Tank Top, $35