Be A Man! Shopee Has a Men’s Sale!

We see you, men, taking to your phones after work to shop online or even during your lunch breaks like it’s some curious past-time. And we’re not the only ones to have noticed.

Been hanging around the Beauty & Personal Care section on Shopee lately? Well, the e-commerce platform has certainly taken note and compiled such data to your benefit. Since almost 70% of Singaporean men spend more money shopping online in 2020 (It’s only been three months…) as compared to a year ago, Shopee is bringing back its Men’s Sale from 3 March to 4 April 2020.

Highlights of the campaign involving four weeks of super promotions include:

  • Free shipping and Million Dollar Discount – Users are guaranteed to receive the lowest prices on popular products such as the Razer Blade Stealth Gaming Laptop.
  • The Super Tech Show (9 March to 15 March) – Electronic brands such as Samsung, JBL and Acer will be vying for your attention with their exciting deals. Users can also be guaranteed the lowest prices on their favourite products such as the Apple iPhone 11. This promotion drops twice daily at 12pm and 10pm.
  • Themed days such as Grooming Day on 28 March
  • Scoring free drinks by playing Shopee Farm
  • Standing a chance to win prizes worth up to $6999 by participating in $1 Big Prizes.



In line with the results from Shopee’s 2020 Men’s Online Shopping Behaviour Survey, emphasis is being put on Consumer Electronics and Beauty & Personal Care products. In fact, survey results show that 60% of men cited the former as their favourite online shopping category, while the growth in purchasing of the latter has increased twofold in the past year. Wireless earphones and mobile screen protectors are kind of expected, but cheers to beauty! Items frequently found in men’s carts include hair pomade, pimple patches, and serums.

Flash Deals are also being run between 12pm to 1pm as well as 11pm to 1am to accommodate the lunchtime and after-work shopping slots of male customers who were noted to be price-sensitive, with 70% indicating they research and compare prices before deciding to buy a product.

In this respect, Shopee’s attention and dedication to tailoring campaigns to suit its customers’ shopping is to be commended so don’t miss out on these spectacular deals!

And ladies, don’t feel left out just yet, you can look forward to the Women’s Festival coming later this year!


Head over to Shopee for the Men’s Sale, from 3rd March to 4th April 2020.