Review : Uniqlo Bedding launching 1st April 2020

In 2013, Uniqlo launched AIRism. It’s a material made from ultra-fine cupro fibres and micro nylon. Cupro fibres are wonderful; it comes from cotton, but has the sheen, shine and smoothness of silk, plus, as a purely regenerated cellulose fibre derived from cotton linter (or cotton waste), it is eco-friendly. AIRism is described by Uniqlo as one that “wicks moisture, releases heat, and absorbs sweat while maintaining a smooth feel all day”, and that pretty much sums it up. For the millions of adults and children that subscribe to AIRism clothing, they’ll know that the material is quick-drying, breathable, self-deodorising, and stays constantly cool to the touch. I personally prefer it as loungewear because of the comfortable way it drapes, and the casual appearance of it.

Earlier this month, Uniqlo announced that they will be bringing AIRism bedding to Singapore, and we got a review set of a bedsheet and pillowcase.


Before I go into the review, here are some facts about the launch:

  • There are only bedsheets and pillowcases.
  • The bedsheets will come in 3 sizes: Single, Semi-Double and Double (sorry, no Queen or King sizes yet); while the pillow covers will come in Medium and Large.
  • The measurements shared by Uniqlo are:

  • The bedding will be available in 4 colours: White, Grey, Light Pink and Dark Brown.
  • Prices are:
    Bedsheet (Single) — $49.90
    Bedsheet (Semi-Double) — $59.90
    Bedsheet (Double) — $59.90
    Pillow Cover (Medium) — $12.90
    Pillow Cover (Large) — $12.90
  • It’s available from 1 April 2020, exclusively on

Fun facts: 

  • AIRism bedding was first introduced in Japan in Spring/Summer 2018.
  • Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to launch the bedding.


I didn’t try the bedsheet because the size I was given didn’t fit my mattress, so I went straight for the pillowcase, ripped it out of the packet, threw it in wash, and stuffed my Ikea pillow into it. I had the large-sized pillowcase in white, and while my Ikea pillow runs slightly larger at 50x80cm, the Uniqlo pillow cover at 50x70cm fit it well. The Ikea pillow stuffed almost perfectly into the case and was nice and fluffy.

The white shade is a pristine white, which makes any dust or dirt very obvious; but hey this is AIRism! I had a spot of dirt that came right off with spot-cleaning it with water. And true to the properties of AIRism, the material dried almost instantly. 

The material feels amazing to rest on! It’s truly silky smooth, and does stay cool to the touch, which everyone can appreciate.



Considering many of us will be spending a lot more time at home now, it makes sense to make ourselves as comfortable as possible — within our means, of course. At $12.90 a pillowcase, I think that’s ok. Consider Ikea’s popular Dvala pillowcase which retails at $7.90 and is scratchy (my personal opinion); while their higher thread count Sömntuta pillowcase costs $12.90 — and for $12.90, I’d rather get the AIRism one knowing that it will stay cool and smell great.

This pillowcase actually makes me look forward to using it because it is literally that cool and comfy. At this price point and comfort, I might just pamper myself and replace all the pillowcases on my bed with AIRism.