Spring Into The New Season With Pandora’s Latest Charming Spring Collections

When you think of Spring, you think of sunshine and flowers, peaceful and happy memories alongside joyful laughter. We believe that Pandora’s Spring 2020 Collection encompasses all these elements with their thoughtful charms and bracelets that capture these moments perfectly. There’s something for everyone with their new launch, whether you’re looking to add to your current collection of charms or start a new bracelet specifically for spring; the possibilities are endless.

The Garden Collection


Inspired by symbolic elements of nature, this collection creates the image of a wearable bouquet, with flowers adorning you as you take to each new day. The season of renewal and change brings with it refreshing new elements to the charm family, ranging from delicate daisies to lucky four-leaf clovers and adorable bumblebees. This collection’s versatility allows for self-expression in unique ways depending on what motifs you wish to showcase and which of their meanings resonates with you.











Check out the full Pandora Garden Collection here

The Passions Collection

Sometimes, we tend to neglect the small things that help to make our days go by a little more cheerily. Pandora’s here to remind us of all these little things that make us smile and make up our happiest memories. Whether it’s a beloved pet, music that you listen to on the way to work, playing soccer on weekends or even getting a cone of ice cream from the corner shop as a  treat, Pandora hopes to help you cherish these little moments in your life. We all have love for different things in our lives and with these new charms, we can carry them with us every day.




Check out the full Pandora Passions Collection here

The Peach Blossom Collection

If you’re a hopeless romantic, this collection should be a perfect fit. With its pink blossoms and delicate details, it encapsulates tender aspects of romance that we can all relate to. Peach blossoms symbolise luck in love and this collection acts as little tokens of luck that you can carry with you in your day-to-day adventures. Adding an element of charm to your outfit, the rose gold and sterling silver pieces create an air of mystery and glamour, suitable for an evening out or to accessorise your office outfit.



Check out the full Pandora Peach Blossom Collection here