Take a Peek Into the Singapore Tattoo Scene with a Locally-Produced Web Series

We’ve all got our own perception of tattooed individuals and more often than not, we don’t give them enough credit for what they’ve achieved as we often categorise them based on the common stereotypes that we’ve developed as a society.

Aimed at positively changing society’s mindset about tattoos, independent film-maker Harry Chew and collaborator Michelle Loke together with Kissing Dragonflies Productions, have teamed up to create a new web series that offers viewers a raw, unflinching look at the Singapore tattoo scene starring the individuals who’ve worked hard to perfect their tattooing skills.


Unlike the reality TV tattoo series that you might have heard of (i.e. Ink Master or Black Ink Crew) Blood and Craft focuses on telling the different stories of the featured tattooists as well as the issues that they’ve faced within the local tattoo industry such as being a female tattooist in a male-dominated industry, and how they succeeded in making it big internationally.


An 11-year-old budding tattoo artist learning the ropes from her skilled father. (Image credit: Kissing Dragonfiles Productions)

The pilot episode titled Blood Ties introduces an 11-year-old tattoo apprentice who is learning the craft from her well-established tattooist father, and her experience tattooing on a person for the first time.

All episodes of the series are 11 to 12 minutes long and explores a different theme of the local tattoo scene with a line-up of talented tattoo artists such as London Ink Convention winner Augustine Nezumi, female tattooist Valerie Yang, black-and-grey tattoo expert Chester Lee, and the internationally recognised Shane Tan.

All episodes of the series are 11 to 12 minutes long and explore a different theme of the tattoo scene in Singapore. Here’s a look at what to expect from the series.


Screenshot of Episode 01: The 11-year-old tattoo apprentice does her first tattoo on her father.
Screenshot from Episode 02: A view of Augustine Nezumi’s work
Screenshot from Episode 02: Augustine Nezumi working on a client
Screenshot from Episode 04: Chester Lee working his black and grey magic on a client

You can watch all episodes of Blood and Craft here.


Featured image credit: Kissing Dragonflies Productions