Mostly $200 Gifts From Luxury Boutiques That Will Impress Impossible-To-Please People

We know what you’re thinking, that we must be out-of-touch for asking you to spend money on gifts when it’s currently crunch time. If only to make sense and imbue normalcy to the nightmarish reality landscape now, let’s be aware that whichever way the wind blows, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions (don’t forget Mother’s Day!) aren’t exactly cancelled.


Don’t be a Bitter Betty!

We can’t speak on your behalf but to our knowledge, these events are often accompanied by gifts and merriment. And these celebrations, in turn, are commonly used as catalysts to encourage positivity — which we can use a heady dose of like since yesterday or truthfully this year thus far (LOL). To that we say, go on and show that appreciation for someone worth your time with something really nice!

But what happens if you are buying for a loved one that seemingly has everything? Or those who proudly declare their love language as gifts and won’t be a jolly nice fellow if they receive something substandard?


Though if Joffrey is their spirit animal, then maybe you should just run.

Well, the nice thing about most luxury labels is that unwrapping their less expensive products offer the same thrill as unwrapping any of their way pricier things. Ultimately, you should get something they can actually use every day or a basic item that replaces something they may already carry in their bags all the time. This way, you’ll not only seem incredibly thoughtful but particularly hug-worthy for splurging on their needs (just remember to throw the receipt out).


You won’t believe how much these costs!
1. Saint Laurent Textured-Leather Airpods Case, USD 171
2. Jacquemus Woven Raffia Lemon Keyring, $106
3. Acne Studios Logo Embroidered Corduroy Cap, $136
4. Prada My Character Keychain Embellishment, $55
5. Vetements Oversized Appliquéd Jersey T-Shirt, USD 171
6. Bottega Veneta D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, USD 253


So, to make that special someone in your life feel extra loved in the upcoming months, consider these gifts that cost less than $400 from the most bougie of brands to impress the Very Picky People you love and care for!


The best gifts are often also the most practical, luxury or not.
1. Calvin Klein Underwear Pink Modern Triangle Bralette, $45; Pink Modern Thong, $30
2. Burberry Appliquéd Cashmere Gloves, USD 137
3. Loewe Embossed Leather Bracelet, USD 138
4. Gucci Jacquard Knit Socks, USD 110
5. Louis Vuitton Clémence Notebook Rainbow, $375
6. Hermès Mosaique Au 24 Platinum Mug, $250


All products featured in this article are available to be purchased online now at SSENSE, NET-A-PORTER, FARFETCH, LOUIS VUITTON, AND HERMÈS.