You Can Now Get Cold Brew Coffee Delivered To Your Doorstep

We know that feeling — waking up to another day at home, with no semblance of time, weekdays and weekends all blurred into one. Thank goodness for coffee then. For serious coffee drinkers though, those who’d still like a professionally-brewed cuppa but may lack the skill or tools for D-I-Y brewing, there’s an alternative: cold brew coffee.

If you must know, cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in room temperature water for a long duration of time, usually more than 12 hours, resulting in coffee that’s naturally sweet, smoother, and less acidic than their hot water counterparts. Most importantly, it can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks, though most establishments recommend about 6 days for optimal taste. 

At a time when we’re told not to leave our houses as much as possible, this makes sense to us because cold brew coffee can be bought in bulk, usually a bundle of 6 bottles at a time, which enables weekly, instead of daily, deliveries. You’re now saving on delivery fees! So, in a bid to support our chilled coffee cravings, here are the cafes and businesses that offer to-your-door delivery for their cold brew coffee — for which we’re eternally grateful.

Stranger’s Reunion

Those dark glass bottles have now become synonymous with cold brew coffee, especially when one of our favourite cafes, Stranger’s Reunion, has included a potent blend of espresso, milk, and a touch of cream in theirs. Not to be biased, but we’re here for one of the most balanced flavours around, a combination of sweet and milky while still retaining that characteristically strong punch of coffee. We can drink this all day — but we really shouldn’t, not after 5pm anyway.

– White Magic, $6.90 ; Bundle of 6, $38
– Sea Salt Chocolate, $6.90 ; Bundle of 6, $38

– Free delivery for orders above $50.
– $10 for orders below $30 ; $5 for orders above $30.

Order online at

To note: The team will reach out via Whatsapp to confirm your order and share the estimated delivery timing. You may pre-order by leaving the date and time of delivery / self-collection in the remarks column during checkout.

Old Hen Coffee

This specialty coffee joint at Rangoon Road has been touting their cold brew bottles since day one, in signature beer-like bottles, and they get that formula right each time. Made in-house, the coffee flavour’s fragrant and refreshing, while the blend of milk and coffee for the cold brew in White smoother than your average player. On top of Black and White variations, we’d also recommend the Dark Cocoa that’s essentially rich iced Valrhona chocolate in a bottle, as well as their Mocha and Matcha Milk variations.

– Cold Brew Coffee (Black) – 330ml, $6.90
– Cold Brew Coffee (White) – 330ml, $6.90
– Cold Dark Cocoa – 330ml, $6.90
– Cold Matcha Milk – 330ml, $7.50
– Cold Mocha – 330ml, $7.90
– Cold Brew Coffee (White) – 1L, $19.90

– Free delivery for orders above $55.
– $15 for orders below $25 ; $10 for orders below $39 ; $5 for orders below $55.

Order online at

To note: All orders will be delivered between 10am – 7pm on the selected day of delivery. Cut-off time for same-day delivery is 10am. You can only select 10:00AM as your delivery time.


Fans of açaí bowls and smoothies who work around the CBD area might recognise Parallel, but we’re here to give a shoutout to their specialty coffee as well. If you think shelling out more than $6 for good coffee’s a little too burdensome on your wallet, know that their Single Origin Cold Brew bottles can be delivered to you at $25 for a bundle of $6, making this the most affordable option we can find. With their beans sourced from Common Man Coffee Roasters, and their delicious blends as smooth as it gets, give them a good shot the next time you’ve got ‘em coffee cravings.

– White Cold Brew, $25 for 6 bottles (250ml each)
– Black Cold Brew, $25 for 6 bottles (250ml each)
– Oat Milk Cold Brew, $29 for 6 bottles (250ml each)
– Subscriptions available.

– $3 delivery fee applies.

Order online at

To note: Cut-off timing for Express Deliveries (1 – 2 working days) is 5pm.
The team will reach out to you to confirm the delivery slot 1 – 2 working days before the delivery. Deliveries only on weekdays.

Bootstrap Beverages

Oh, points for creativity and diversity, for sure. Bootstrap, a specialty cold brew coffee producer that operates in both Singapore and Bali, works closely with farmers for a sustainable practice. And they’ve got blends for everyone — an unadulterated bottle of Black with just 100% Arabica coffee brewed for 15 hours; Strong, with double the strength of a typical brew; Coconut and Oat Milk, non-dairy options infused with organic coconut or oat milk; as well as a pleasant-sounding Milk & Manuka Honey option, for those who like it a tad sweeter with natural floral tones.

– Cold Brew Black, $30 for a 6-pack (250ml each)
– Cold Brew Coconut, $33
– Cold Brew Strong, $36
– Cold Brew Oat Milk, $36
– Cold Brew Mixer, $36
– Cold Brew Milk & Manuka Honey, $39
– Subscriptions available.

– Free delivery islandwide.

Order online at

To note: Upon verification of payment, you will receive your order within 2-3 working days. If you have chosen self-collection, your order will be ready for pick-up within 1 working day.


Consider them the cold brew specialists. Local brand 1degreeC started with just handcrafted cold brew coffee using natural and top-quality ingredients, done by steeping freshly roasted coffee grounds for over 16 hours. You’ll be able to taste the difference too; Black is a robust blend with no added sugar, you’ll get a velvety texture and nutty notes with their White Cold Brew, while a unique Masala blend incorporates the spicy flavour of masala into their coffee concoction. 

– Black Cold Brew Coffee, $5
– Strong Black Cold Brew Coffee, $5
– White Cold Brew Coffee, $6
– Almond Milk Cold Brew Coffee, $7
– Masala Cold Brew Coffee, $7

– Free delivery for orders above $40.
– $5 for orders below $40.

Order online at

To note: At least 2 working days (48 hours) to prepare the products. Delivery on Mon – Sat, either between 10am – 2pm or 2pm – 6pm.


If you’ve been to enough weddings, you’ll know that a specialty coffee cart is always a welcome sight, especially for morning receptions. KAFVE has been brewing coffee at all types of events since 2014, whether it’s a wedding or corporate function, so it’s only right that they’ve expanded their mobile coffee services to include cold brews, delivered to your doorstep. Theirs features the customers’ favourite blend of Brazil Cerrado and India Monsoon Malabar across variations of Black, Latte, Soy, or Oat Milk brews. You can even go for matcha or hojicha options!

– Cold Brew Black, $33 for 6 bottles
– Cold Brew Latte, $36 for 6 bottles
– Cold Brew with Soy / Oat Milk, $39 for 6 bottles
– Dark Cocoa, $39 for 6 bottles
– Matcha, $39 for 6 bottles
– Hojicha Latte, $39 for 6 bottles
– Subscriptions available.

– Free delivery for orders of 2 bundles & above.
– $3 delivery free for a single bundle.

Order online at

To note: Delivery schedule — Monday, 10am – 8pm (for orders Tues 12.01pm – Sat 12pm) ; Thursday, 10am – 8pm (for orders Sat 12.01pm – Tues 12pm).

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

We can vouch for The Populus’ mains, especially that Beef Ragu Pappardelle, but while you’re sorting out that lunch delivery, some Cold White Brew Coffee to go with it would be nice too. Compared to the other establishments listed above, they don’t necessarily specialise in coffee, but we’d still say that their rich blend, mildly sweetened too, makes a nice accompaniment to a satisfying meal.

– Cold White Brew Coffee, $6

– Free delivery for orders above $50.
– $8 delivery free for orders below $50, min. of $20.

Order online at

To note: Only select delivery zones, check here to see if your area applies.. Cut-off time for same day delivery at 11am daily, please indicate a 90 minutes window of desired delivery time under the “Special Request” checkout box. Real-time updates will be sent by our drivers for an approximate delivery arrival of food items.

Available on Delivery Apps

There are, of course, other brands that sell great cold brew coffee — though only available on delivery apps such as GrabFood, or for pick-up if you happen to be in the area. One standout would be Chye Seng Huat, an industrial-chic coffee joint along Tyrwhitt Road that’s well-regarded by coffee experts for their unparalleled brews. Other very good options to consider are listed here too.


– Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, $55 (12 cans x 200ml)

On Grabfood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda.

Chye Seng Huat

– Black Coffee Brew, $7.50
– White Cold Brew, $8.50
– Cold Brew Bundle, $45 for a 6-pack

On GrabFood, Deliveroo, coming soon to Food Hood.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

– Cold Brew, $8

On GrabFood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda.

Stamping Ground Coffee

– Cold Brew Concentrate — Whole or Skinny Milk, $6
– Cold Brew Concentrate — Soy Milk, $6.50
– Cold Brew Concentrate — Oat Milk, $6.50
– Cold Brew Concentrate — Fresh Coconut Water, $7.50
– Cold Brew Concentrate — Homemade Almond Milk, $8

On GrabFood, Deliveroo.