Home & Lifestyle Accessories To Spruce Up Your Current Living Space

Quick check: we’re now two weeks into Circuit Breaker measures, just at the halfway point with (hopefully) an end in sight. Things have been bleak on some fronts, but based on everyone’s Instagram Stories, for better or for worse, we’re still collectively doing our best to keep positive during these challenging times, all while staying at home. Coping mechanisms include the non-stop baking of brownies and sourdough loaves — who knew we had so many aspiring bakers in our midst — to whipping up homecooked meals and coffee recipes, dalgona or otherwise.

Productivity is inspiring. Which is why, between PM Lee’s magic language-translation cup and dalgona coffee, we’ve found new appreciation for pretty lifestyle accessories — cups, plates, dinnerware, vases, and the like. Even instant mood-lifters to place at your desk before hunkering down for a proper work day. How else are you gonna ‘gram your stay-home life?




1. kikki.K Self Collection ; 2. The Paper Bunny Cora Blush Monthly Desk Planner, $13.90 ; 3. Our Personal Co. The Monochromatic, from $35 ; 4. kāi Life’s Good Sticker Set, $18.90

Stationery that looks good, while also essential in getting your life in order too — we can always do with more of these. kikki.K’s Self collection features a series of blush-pink notepads, greeting cards and dedicated journals that get us to slow down, reflect, and shift our focus within, rather apt in this day and age. For an organised life, local label The Paper Bunny designs monthly planners we’d love on our desks, while we recently discovered Our Personal Co.’s fully customisable planners where you can select your favourite theme and even the individual pages that go into it. In line with keeping positive, kāi’s sticker sets should come in handy for little reminders that’ll brighten up your day.


1. Oh Happy Fry Wood House, $7 ; 2. kikki.K Drink Bottles, from $32.99 ; 3. Ikea – SKÅDIS Pegboard in White, $73.90 ; 4. Qualy Book Iceberg Bookend and Bookmarks, $38.17, from Mrphy.sg

Beyond just stationery, a happy desk also calls for cheery cubbies and bookends to get that unending pile of notes and books in check — Oh Happy Fry has plenty of such decor to get you started, while Qualy’s innovative iceberg bookend design also includes animal-themed bookmarks, ready to use any time they’re needed. A minimalist pegboard can be configured to your liking, and really, sometimes we just need nice-looking tumblers to remind ourselves to listen to our moms. Yes, we vow to drink more water now.




1. Decohaus ARROW Canvas Table Runner $39.90 ; 2. Scene Shang FU Felt Coaster Set, $12.90 ; 3. The Editor’s Market – Life Collection ; 4. IKEA Strimming Collection, $2.90 – $4.90 ; 5. Castlery Clare 4-Piece Dinner Plate Set, $45 ; 6. Crate & Barrel – Caspian Dinnerware Collection

Say, you’ve baked a beautiful loaf of bread. Now, where are you going to place it to commemorate this self-congratulatory achievement? It’s a valid dilemma that will now be solved with these dinnerware options — IKEA, Crate & Barrel, and Castlery all stock glazed pottery, unique finds in organic shapes that stand out from your plain white plates. Table accessories, too, can elevate your dining space. Decohaus curates ethical homeware fit for a rustic aesthetic, including canvas table runners and seagrass rugs; Scene Shang’s east-meets-west coasters are a classy find; while we can’t get enough of the glassware and vases from The Editor’s Market.


1. OTOTO Grizzly Hot Pot Trivet, $21.90, from mrphy.sg ; 2. H&M Home – Mini Porcelain Dish, USD2.99 ; 3. Oh Happy Fry Bunny Cereal Bowl, $16.90 ; 4. Kiyolo – Sonder Teapot with Infuser, $24.90 ; 5. Ruhens V Water Purifier – WHP3000 in Bubblegum Pink, $2,599 ; 6. T2 Tea Zoo Brews Teapot Elephant, $100

Move our setting to the kitchen, and you’ll realise, maybe those standard-issue cabinets and floor tiles need some cheering up too. Pot trivets and cereal bowls can be reimagined with animal accents, and if you’ve been yearning for more natural greenery in your surroundings, H&M Home has plenty of porcelain ware for your botanical fancies. On the fancy tea front, both a glass teapot and a funky fine china set make for excellent companions. Even the very technical water purifier gets a makeover – Ruhens’ award-winning technology removes up to 99% of impurities found in tap water, and comes in this lovely bubblegum pink.




1. Comme Home Black Rectangular Tray with Handles, $79 ; 2. Weavve Home Cotton Classic Set, from $149 ; 3. Middle Kingdom Mini Vase, $42 ; 4. Actseed Co. – Terrazzo Tile in White, $68, from Naiise

‘Fess up, you’ve probably spent 90% of your time in the safe confines of your room. We hear you. To make that 90% of your life more luxurious, we’ll start with these — Comme Home’s marble and brass accessories for your vanity table, or a little display for breakfast in bed; Middle Kingdom’s series of mini porcelain vases; and Actseed Co.’s colourful, nostalgic terrazzo tiles. Also worth an upgrade, your bedsheets, this time with Weavve Home. The local brand’s direct-to-consumer model means you can enjoy fluffy, quality 100% cotton or Tencel™ sheets at way more affordable prices.


1. Decohaus IVA Multi Purpose Storage Basket, $39 ; 2. Sass & Belle Hanging Chantel Planter, $16.99, from ASOS ; 3. Kiyolo – Lykke Macaron Table Lamp, $56 ; 4. DOOB – The Doobsta’ Versatile Fabric Bean Bag, $149 – $199

Any room owner knows that random accessories maketh a worthy living space — hey, we don’t make the rules here. So while we technically classify these under “miscellaneous” goods, it’s things like pastel-coloured table lamps, woven baskets, and hanging planters that add just the perfect amount of visual character to your cosy living quarters. At the end of the day, recline in your new comfy bean bag and admire your masterpiece.