Model Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw Explores The Oo La Lab Fragrance Mixology Kit

We often associate scents with certain memories — a whiff of something familiar can take you back to the place where you first came across that smell. At times the association is extremely specific, but seemingly random — the first thing I ever smelled when I stepped into my high school was bread and butter pudding. We didn’t even have bread and butter pudding. Other associations may be more distinct, like the smell of someone’s house, your old teddy bear, and the smell of the beach. Some smells may be so good, you wish you could bottle them up and take them with you. Well, with Oo La Lab, your wish could come true!

Model Aimee-Cheng Bradshaw with the Oo La Lab Fragrance Mixology Kit

While Oo La Lab has specially curated formulas bottled and ready-to-go, they also provide the option to work with their in-house Mixologists to create your ideal fragrance, be it in the form of a perfume, candle or essential oil. The craft fragrance lab specialises in providing individual fragrance notes for you to build a scent that is unique to you.

Apart from in-store workshops, there is the option to create your perfect fragrance at home, with the help of their Fragrance Mixology Kits.

Oo La Lab Fragrance Mixology Kit

We’ve previously explored the Fragrance Mixology Kits with content creator Christabel Chua, a.k.a. bellywellyjelly, and musician Sandra Riley Tang, a.k.a. RRILEY. The former created a fragrance that she associated with her own personality, while the latter created no less than three perfumes, all of which remind her of different memories.

For our third and final instalment of the mixology series, we went down to the Basic Models office to explore the Fragrance Mixology Kit with fashion model Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw.




As you can tell, we had a ton of fun watching Aimee meticulously create her perfect scent. Many of the individual notes reminded her of her time in London, where she would spend sunny days out of the library and in parks and gardens with her friends. Full disclosure — it took her a few tries to get the exact fragrance she wanted, and we’d totally have done the same. When you have the opportunity to create your own unique scent, wouldn’t you want it to be perfect too?

Included in the Fragrance Mixology Kit Oo1 is Dahlia, a limited edition note. Aimee incorporated this, along with the equally floral Rose, into her fragrance as they reminded her of being in an English garden. Fun fact: Aimee’s middle name is actually Rose! With Amber as her woody base note, combined with the clean top notes of Aldehyde and Tea, she created Primrose Hill — a scent that will remind her of her days in London with a single spritz.

After watching the three ladies craft their own fragrances, we honestly can’t wait to do it ourselves. Now is the perfect time to get your hands on a kit and experiment with it at home! You probably miss interacting with your friends and visiting your favourite spots, so why not try to emulate the smells that remind you of them?

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The Oo La Lab Eau de Parfum Mixology Kit retails at $188. Customisable, you can select 12 individual notes to be placed within the kit. Available online.

editing, Natalie Tan
HOST, Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw
MUSIC, Cosmic Love by Bruno E.