Mother’s Day, But Gifts Mothers Actually Want

There’s less than two weeks to Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday 10th May. Instead of buying the usual flowers and cakes, why not something more practical that mom will actually enjoy using during this circuit breaker? I asked around my “mom” friends to find out what we would actually like to receive, and while some requests are expected, there are also some surprising suggestions too.

1. Moleskine Art Sketch book + Derwent wooden box of colour pencils
Colouring is proven to be very therapeutic; if mom has even the slightest interest in art, she will adore this set. Derwent makes some of the finest colouring pencils, and if you can afford it, spring for the premium sets that come in classic wooden boxes.

Moleskine Art Collection in Black, Grey and Red; from $15.23 for Pocket size to $52.90 for A4 size, from / Derwent Coloured Pencils in Wooden Box, 48 Count, $110.62 / 72 count, $156.19, from


2. Marshall Monitor II ANC Headphones
Is mom a Baby Boomer or Gen X-er? Then these headphones will ignite the rock ’n roller in her! These are premium noise cancelling headphones that have custom tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers that give incredible sound. But here’s another reason why you should buy these for mom: support TC Acoustic! These guys are awesome! They are continuing to pay their freelancers while their stores remain closed during the circuit breaker! You can read about it here.


3. Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender
Make mom’s life easier with an electric whisk for all those cups of Dalgona Coffee you’ve been asking her for. This set from Bosch features an easy-to-use handheld whisk (with 12 speeds and turbo!) and blender attachment for your smoothies and pastes.  

$349, available online at BOSCH-HOME.COM.SG.


4. Severin Popcorn Maker
There’s really nothing like the smell of fresh, aromatic popcorn filling your home. Do that for mom this year with this affordable, high-quality popcorn maker from German-brand, Severin. This machine is super easy to use; just add kernels, and watch it produce a bowl of popcorn in 180 seconds.

$46 on KrisShop.
While you’re on the KrisShop website, check out everything else: there’s now 60% off more than 600 products, or 15% off with a minimum spend of $200.


5. Samsung Colour Series Microwave Oven
Does mom have a microwave in her kitchen? Does she need a new one? These are pretty. They come in 4 colours: black, pink — for the Solo Microwave, and white and mint — for the Grill Microwave version. Mom can use this for fast defrosting, crispy cooking, cake baking and so much more. Mom knows. 

Solo Microwave (black, pink), $249 / Grill Microwave (white, mint), $319. Available mid-May on SAMSUNG ONLINE STORE and major consumer electronics & IT stores including AUDIO HOUSE, BEST DENKI, COURTS, GAIN CITY, HARVEY NORMAN, MEGA DISCOUNT STORE and PARISILK, through their respective online stores. If you need one now, in time for Mother’s Day, check THESE out.

6. Dyson Mother’s Day gift edition Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer (Fuchsia/Nickel)
If mom doesn’t have a Supersonic hair dyer yet, this is the one to get for her; it has a beautiful fuchsia pink finish, and comes with matching accessories — a detangling comb and 35mm barrel brush, both designed to treat hair nicely. 

$599 at DYSON.COM.SG.


7. Jade Roller Tiger’s Eye by JRB
Here’s a face roller crafted from Tiger’s Eye, which is said to promote harmony and balance, and reduce fear and anxiety. While it sounds too good to be true, I couldn’t find any bad reviews on this product; also, the description on Sephora says that it helps breakouts in the jaw and chin area — and that’s exactly what’s been happening to me since I hit 40! Once you explain it to mom, she’ll start using it religiously.

$114 at


8. Duplo Deluxe Brick Box
If your mom friend has a toddler, she will appreciate this more than you know. This tub of large Lego pieces provides hours of endless building fun for the kid, and some me-time for the mom. It’s educational and self entertaining at its finest. A gift for the kid is a gift for the mom.



9. Apple iPad 10.2”
There are some moms who are completely against screen time for their little ones; I’m not one of those moms. I do allow some play time on a tablet, but restricted of course, to educational apps and with a timer in place. The iPad 10.2” is Apple’s most affordable iPad, and it offers the perfect screen size for both work (for the mom) and play (for the kid). Get any mom one of these and you’re giving her the gift of space, time and peace. Even if it’s just in blocks of 15 minutes. Also, considering the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (launching 2nd May) is going to be priced at $598 (although this is packaged with the S Pen), for a whole $100 less, you can get an iPad.

From $499, in Space Grey, Silver and Gold at APPLE.COM/SG/IPAD-10.2.