Quarantine 2020 Memes & How Humour Is A Beneficial Tool For Our Mental Wellness

Wise men say that laughter is the best medicine. And though it will not magically fix your broken leg, humour can be incredibly effective to lift your spiralling mood in this depressing time. Like most of you who are working from home (and gratefully employed), we find ourselves bored out of our minds and emotionally defeated by tragic news of the social and economical variety. Yet try as we might, it also only goes so far to constantly remind ourselves that tomorrow would be a better day.


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And regardless of it turning out for better or for worse, the day passes anyway. So, since most of our personal conundrum is of our own making, we should just try to reframe our situations and laugh at it before it gets to us.

Don’t believe that laughter will make you feel better? Well, I have concrete evidence to prove that it will from this one anecdote by yours truly (we trust and like you too much to not offer unsolicited mental health advice but we’ve got this):

Once upon a time (actually a couple of days ago), I find myself at a fast-food restaurant too early in the morning on a Sunday with that elusive breakfast item we call the McGriddles. As I was trying to unwrap the damned thing while fumbling with my bag to get it off me, I accidentally dropped it — wrappers and all, on the germ-infested floors. The mess I made with my klutzy fingers was a diabolical one and it ruined my day off even before I could start it.

My companion that morning then said, “The beef in that patty must have been a mis-steak. Or even worse, it could be horse.” I cringed and then laughed, and got carried away laughing.

And minutes later, I was grateful that it was the moist burger as opposed to my (rather expensive) bag that fell onto those horrifying ketchup-covered floors. I understood then the importance of recognising different perspectives on an unpleasant subject matter, even more so if we are to remain positive in our current circumstances.

In any case, the crucial point of my sharing of that personal experience is this: humour, in any form, works. If you, like myself, cringed and laughed at that reference to a dad joke my companion made, Well That’s Fantastic. If not, one of these hilarious relatable memes is bound to crack you up in some way, or at least be totally relatable.

Relatable memes!
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And more and more memes!

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The cover image and illustrations featured in this article are courtesy of TOMMY SIEGEL.