Razer Unveils Pokémon-Themed True Wireless Earbuds Complete with Pokéball

If you’ve been on the wireless earbuds market for a bit, hunting down that ideal pair of earbuds, perhaps this might be where your search ends especially if you’re also a Pokémon fan.


The Pikachu True Wireless Headphones that every trainer has got to have. (Image credit: Razer)

Slated to officially go on sale in China on 16 April, the Pikachu True Wireless Headphones will retail for about RMB849 (SGD$171) together with a dock and charging case shaped just like a Pokéball (that comes with a strap for you to show ‘em off). 

It should be noted that the earphones are not an entirely new model but a seemingly re-designed version of the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Headphones. However, gaming tech giant Razer has definitely outdone themselves with this Pokémon-themed true wireless earbuds which comes in yellow, complete with a Pikachu silhouette which replaces the Razer logo on the back of each earpiece.


The Pokeball is used to dock and charge the earphones. (Image credit: Razer)

While the earphones may not be the best in comparison with other wireless earbuds in the market, it still makes for a slightly affordable pair that has IPX4-grade water resistance and can be automatically paired via Bluetooth. Though it may not have active noise canceling, it can still help in blocking out unwanted noise with its silicone ear tips. Those who prefer their music with slightly more bass would appreciate the 13-millimeter drivers which are said to deliver excellent bass reproduction. Unfortunately, the battery life for the earphones may seem like a bit of a dealbreaker for some as it is said to last about three hours, or 15 in total when using the charging case.

Much like their previous Pokémon-themed accessories which were available only in China, there’s still no word on whether the Pikachu True Wireless Headphones will hit our shores, but here’s hoping we’ll get a chance to catch one for ourselves too!


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