12 of The Cutest Bags To Buy From Gucci, Balenciaga & More, Inspired By Hello Kitty & Chocolates

There is no one solution that cures all when it comes to mood-lifting remedies — something we can all use a little of in these bleak times, but perhaps gushing over all things adorable (and available for purchase) will work for some of us! For those who have been keeping up with fashion news, the industry at large has experienced quite the shift in motivation when it comes to design in the digital revolution of recent years.

It’s more about making products that appear instantly recognisable and social media likeable these days. And tapping onto the touchstones that makes content viral (social engagement is today’s valuable currency after all) — cute, funny, ridiculous, or anything else really, to make customers laugh all the way to checkout (taking a selfie on your way there is optional).

Top row (left to right): ANYA HINDMARCH Embellished satin tote ($1,374), OLYMPIA LE-TAn Pride and Prejudice embroidered appliquéd canvas clutch ($1,658), LOEWE Elephant mini crystal-embellished suede shoulder bag ($2,639).
Bottom Row (left to right): BALENCIAGA + Hello Kitty mini printed leather shoulder bag ($1,036), OLYMPIA LE-TAN Mona Lisa embroidered appliquéd canvas clutch ($1,351), ROSANTICA Cielo crystal-embellished silver-tone tote ($1,373).

Which explains the availability and prevalence of bags inspired by your favourite candy bars, literary tomes, or childhood icons reimagined in graphic head-turning detail. Wanna let your followers know that you LOVE chocolate and nougat? Carry this Anya Hindmarch blinged-out sequin bag that’ll do all the talking for you! Tired of your peers labelling you as ditzy Kitty Bennet as opposed to witty Elizabeth? Try this Olympia Le-Tan Jane Austen clutch so they’ll maybe change their mind. And if for any reason, you simply need something high-fashion but also Hello Kitty, then Balenciaga has got exactly that.

top row (left to right): LOEFFLER RANDALL Zadie feather-embellished leather tote ($465), ROSANTICA Calendula embellished gold-tone and faux pearl shoulder bag ($496), JEFFREY LEVINSON Elina Plus mirrored rainbow aerospace aluminium clutch ($2,288).
Bottom row (left to right): VANINA Inflorescence gold-tone and hammered-satin tote ($698), MARNI Frame two-tone leather shoulder bag ($793), GUCCI Large textured-leather tote ($4,395).

But what about the rest of us who are not into anything cutesy but need something in-your-face to stay in the social media relevance rat race? There are bags for that too. The key is to go the unexpected route when it comes to what you’re toting.

Our selected picks for this category plays with distortion of familiar everyday objects and their unlikely reappearances as accessories. Go with Gucci if you need a Rubik’s Cube you can’t play with, or why not Jeffrey Levinson if you prefer to clutch a rainbow as opposed to tasting it? Oh, and if you’re always more at peace when accompanied by furry friends, there’s a feather-embellished (not quite fur but looks really similar) Loeffler Randall to play your best buddy.

So have a laugh and get your credit cards ready, you’ll want to get these quickly selling out pieces before they’re all gone.


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Bags featured in the cover image: ANYA HINDMARCH Embellished satin tote ($1,374)BALENCIAGA + Hello Kitty mini printed leather shoulder bag ($1,036), OLYMPIA LE-TAN Mona Lisa embroidered appliquéd canvas clutch ($1,351).