An Online Card Game That Gets You To Bare Your Soul

Living in quarantine has bored me to the core and I can’t remember the last time I’ve met my circle of friends to catch up on each other’s lives — save for the Zoom meetings that we have every once in a blue moon, of course. Yes, even when we’re all at home, you might be surprised that even your closest friends are still too busy for a quick catch up online.

Nevertheless, during your Zoom or Houseparty calls, you’ve probably had a fair share of games you’ve tried playing with your friends. Think — skribbl, online mahjong, and other card games you can find online like UNO. But how about connecting with your loved ones through a game that bares your soul and begs you to connect with people during this time of social distancing.

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Introducing We’re Not Really Strangers. Otherwise known as ‘WNRS’, or as some would pronounce it as ‘winners’, the card game was launched back in November 2018 with its main focus on empowering people to explore and build meaningful connections.


Now you might have seen this card game online or you might have even stumbled onto one of its Instagram posts through your friend’s Instagram story.


With an astounding following of 1.7 million users on Instagram, the page touches on difficult conversations and inner thoughts that many have been avoiding, as well as quotes such as “Be patient with yourself. You’re working on it.” and the big question “How are you, really?”


Many celebrities have also been seen playing the game on their Instagram live during this time of isolation, such as Hailey Bieber and Stassie Karanikolaou.


And not to mention, ‘Lonely Boy’ from Gossip Girl and You star Penn Badgley and heartthrob, Noah Centino from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, who have also been seen playing the viral card game on Instagram.


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The game was first discovered by the creator and CEO of We’re Not Really Strangers, Koreen Odiney, who also manages the viral Instagram page.

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Resonating well during this period of uncertainty, the Instagram page and the card game has garnered more attention — sparking introspection of thoughts and feelings that many are struggling to connect with.


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Encased in its signature red box with its minimalistic design, the purpose driven card game allows you and your loved ones to explore and deepen existing relationships while creating new ones as well. The game allows 2 to 6 players with over 150 questions and wildcards to choose from. Here, there are 3 levels: level 1 is perception, level 2 is connection and level 3 is reflection. With each level diving into deeper conversations about one’s self — inspiring genuine connections over superficial ones.

The WNRS card game can be purchased online through their site. However, as part of its initiative during this quarantine, they have also released its own Quarantine expansion pack which features 20 new questions to be used with the core game or even as its own. Best part is, it’s also free to download online on their website. All you need to do is to sign up with your name and e-mail!


We’re Not really Strangers Card Game (USD30) is now available online on their website. You can sign up for the free Quarantine Edition expansion pack here.

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