Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Totes Now With Rainbow Stars, Butterflies, & Smiling Trees

Everyone appreciates having fun, some may say that we can’t ever get enough of it. But in confined spaces in isolation, our many habitual options for pleasure-seeking have more or less gone to nil. Despite it all, it’s important for us to keep our spirits up and embrace hope in bleak moments. And what better way to do all that, than with someone or something we can look at to be reminded to keep smiling — just like these undeniably adorable Gucci tote bags!

Yes, these GG Supreme Canvas Tote Bags are officially for children, but who’s to say that those of us who longer have curfews can’t partake in the fun of carrying these too?

GG Rainbow Star Tote ($650).

Available in 3 different brilliantly-hued variations, you can choose to have Gucci’s GG Supreme canvas overwhelmed with rainbow stars, invaded by various species of smiling vegetation, or have a not-so-subtle giant rainbow butterfly perched centre-stage on the tote bag’s rim.

GG Smiling Plants Tote ($650).

The GG Rainbow Star Tote and GG Smiling Plants Tote, both measure a reasonable 21cm by 20cm by 10cm — perfect for running supermarket errands or be used as an everyday bag. They also feature a magnetic snap closure at the top and a zippered compartment to store valuables. At $650 a pop, these would make a nice splash of colour to your wardrobe, along with a nice dose of optimism welcomed into your everyday.

GG Tote with Rainbow Butterfly ($890).

Those who need something just a tad more spacious for all their daily essentials can go with the GG Tote with Rainbow Butterfly. It measures 29cm by 20cm by 10cm, with the same storage features as its slightly leaner variations, and it’s yours for $890.

Though these aren’t exactly what we’d remotely consider classic designs, we can imagine them being something of a cult favourite in due time. So if you need some more convincing to contact Gucci Singapore’s concierge services to purchase, think about it this way, these collector’s must-haves are likely to appreciate in value over time, and as far as luxury goods go, these aren’t unreasonably exorbitant anyway.

Just don’t go getting all three.


The Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Tote Bags are now available via Gucci Singapore’s concierge service.